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It almost seems like it's a required response: I'll do a shoe post about something (wedges, platforms, boots, whatever) and the response will be “WHAT ABOUT FLATS!?”

Yes. What about flats?

We've got pages and pages of posts about wedding flats, but based on comments I receive, they're clearly the wedding shoe that seems to get the least love. EVERYONE WANTS MORE FLATS. So this week: FLATS!

Bound to Blossom Flat

Professional Pointers Flat

Stay in Touchable Flat

How Does Your Garden Glitz Flat

My Gal-livanting Flat in Tan

Make a Poinsettia Flat

Walking on Air Flat

Coffee Corner Flat in Cinnamon

Latte of Leisure Flat

Thesis the Plan Flat in Camel

Wrapped Up In Charm Flat

Thanks for the Tiptoe Flat in Red

Strappy Hour Flat

Betsey Johnson Every Way You Look Flat

Bright as Aire Flat

Thesis the Plan Flat in Black

Window to the Sole Flat

Top of the Flower Flat

All Sapphired Up Flat

Point Your Bows Flat in Sapphire

Sight to See Flat

Twinkle Bows Flat

Embellish of the Ball Flat

Sonata Moment Too Soon Flat

Disco Ball Dancer Flat

Posey Toes Flat

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Comments on WHAT ABOUT FLATS!?

  1. Goddommot, Mod Cloth. I love you, and your shoes are flipping wonderful, but can you pretty please get more than three pairs of each shoe in stock?

    • I know! I write these posts just a few days before they go live, and shoes are already sold out by the time the post goes up. Frustrating. :/

    • You can have them notify you if things come back in stock in a certain size by e-mail, which is nice 🙂 I used it once. I didn’t end up purchasing the item but they notified me a week or two afterwards letting me know it was in stock

      • It seems like every shoe I want from them is one they’re done with for good. XD I just have back luck with my shoe cravings.

  2. I, too, was bummed that all the shoes I liked were sold out. But I’ve been on the search for a good pair of flats lately! I wore champagne ballet flats on my wedding day, and loved how COMFORTABLE they were. And I wear them all the time now, too.

  3. I have a problem with most flats. I find a lot of them to be ugly. I don’t understand why these places like Iron Fist can’t make a flat out of the same shoe that they make a heel. The only technical thing they are changing is removing the heel. I personally can’t walk in heels. Between arthritis and poor balance I’ll end up breaking a bone, but I want some super awesome shoes like these: http://tiny.cc/r5rzbw and yet can’t have them because they never make awesome shoes lie that in flats.

  4. hmmm, Love me some flats. But I’m still looking for something a bit more death metal or gothic looking.

  5. okay Ariel…next shoe post? Shoes with major arch support! Please….? I’ve got killer plantar fascitis, to the point of being 1/2 crippled by it if I wear the wrong shoes. I love love love your shoe posts, but have to love only from afar, due to my stupid feet!

  6. Holy crap I just came across these and wish they were in a combat boot style:

    If they were or even in a flat I wouldn’t even dream of wearing something else.

    • You could totally DIY some combats like these, attach the spikes to some sturdy fabric, then glue the fabric to your boots with strong glue that doesn’t dry instantly so you have time to position it carefully and trim the excess. Or, you could get some red tartan fabric doc martens, like these: bit.ly/HqpFeN – and attach the spikes yourself 🙂

  7. I ordered a pair of gorgeous red peep toe heels before all our wedding costumes were done. When the 4ft by 5ft 20lb wings were finished I could barely walk in the heels so i improvised and snagged a pair of dark red flats on sale at payless. Added bonus, since i worked there, they were even cheaper!

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