11 modern waltzes for your first dance

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Photo by Honeysuckle Photography.
Photo by Honeysuckle Photography.

The first dance is something I'm particularly excited about, but here is the issue — the groom only knows how to waltz in 3/4 time.

So here's the deal… I'd like to know your favorite modern songs in 3/4 time — i.e., Waltzin' Songs.

My groom and I would like something sweet and peppy, and not too “classic.” Got any ideas?


This question is near and dear to my heart, because that guy I married and I wanted to do a waltz for our first dance. Only… we couldn't agree on which modern waltz song to use!


So here are a few of our favorite modern waltz choices:

Your turn! What are your favorite modern waltzes?

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    • Iris actually swaps between 6/8 and 8/8 timing. You could still waltz to it, I think, but a waltz wouldn’t work for the 8/8 parts.
      I agree that it’s an awesome song, though!

  1. My Dad and I danced to Rainbow connection at my wedding, I recommend it because the 3/4 is really obvious!

  2. david bryan – netherworld waltz

    i’ve always dreamt to use this song for the wedding because it holds so much meaning for me and is just so breathtakingly beautiful

  3. We danced to “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley played in the Blue Hawaii movie. It was fitting because I grew up in Hawaii. I wanted “Eternity” by Dreams Come True but he won with Elvis’s song.

  4. I was so excited to see this topic! My fiancé and I big into ballroom dance and the waltz is our favorite. We were considering Kiss From A Rose– Seal, I Won’t Give Up– Jason Mraz, or Michael Buble’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love. There are a lot of other great options if you search on ballroom dance forums (if you search mostly wedding sites, they often call all slow dances waltz regardless of the time signature).

  5. My partner knows how to swing and hustle (the partner dance not the line dance). I’m shootin’ for a hustle to Lady Gaga’s Disco Stick, but for some reason he’s not biting…

  6. I’m torn for what to do for our “first” dance. We’re getting weddinged on our 4th anniversary, but we met country dancing. Part of me wants a nice country song. Part of me wants “our” song (Calling You by Blue October). Part of me wants to lead a line dance to Cupid Shuffle, because that’s the very first thing we danced to. I have to admit the last option is pulling me the strongest. We’ll start it by ourselves, then cue friends and family to join us. Which also serves the purpose of getting everyone out on the dance floor at least once.

    • You could do “your” song, or a country song, then break out into the cupid shuffle.

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