A while ago we featured pictures of a bride spinning fire on her wedding day in her mother effing wedding dress and it was awesome

But you know what else was awesome? The rest of Amanda and Alasdair's wedding! Check out these pics from Closed Circle Photography

Amanda had that corset belt custom made by Wai Ching.

And check out the wedding arbor decorations knit by the couple and their friends.

Wedding Fluevogs!

Even their guests got in on the spinning action!

Head over to Closed Circle Photography's blog to see more pics and fun details from Amanda and Alasdair's wedding.

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Comments on Fire spinning wedding ideas

  1. That’s really awesome, although dangerous. I spin fire and you should always wear tighter clothing.

    She’s probably a professional and have done it for years, so she knows exactly what to do. But, for any brides getting the idea to spin fire in their wedding dress, and have no experience doing it, just don’t.

    If you want to get an idea of how dangerous it can be, get yourself two tube socks and fill the bottom of each with something soft, but heavy (like another sock). Now spin. Each time you hit yourself, imagine that to be fire!

    I do LOVE the idea of letting the guests use glow sticks so they can play too. Really great idea! Perfect way to get kids and adults to interact in a really fun way!

      • Yeah, I just want to echo that the goal of the post certainly was NOT “Maybe EVERYONE should spin fire in a dress!” but rather “Look at what a firespinner does on her wedding day!”

  2. Amanda, you are one badass bride, and I’m absolutely in awe of you. Also: your wedding looked amazing. That’s all.

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