Brent&Jess makes it easy and beautiful to express your love with your fingers

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different metalsCan you believe it's been a year since we've caught up with our sponsor Brent&Jess (of fingerprint ring fame)? We explored all the new ring designs they unveiled last year. This time, let's check out all the ways you can incorporate Brent&Jess‘ custom fingerprint designs into your wedding plans…

14k White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Engagement or Anniversary Ring
14k White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Engagement or Anniversary Ring

Planning a proposal or a special anniversary gift? Brent&Jess can hook you up with a super-personal ring, right from the heart… and your fingers. They have a gorgeous collection of engagement rings, and special fingerprint designs sans diamonds.

Gift from the Sea Fingerprint Wedding Bands
Gift from the Sea Fingerprint Wedding Bands

Brent&Jess also have these new wedding ring designs featuring a more organic look, with interesting textured treatments on top of their already-awesome custom fingerprint designs. Check out all the cool new textures!

The You & Me Double Fingerprint Bracelet.
The You & Me Double Fingerprint Bracelet.

Maybe you already have your rings, but are looking for another piece of wedding day jewelry to accessorize that great outfit? Brent&Jess can be of service to you in that department as well! My personal favorite is the Double Fingerprint Bracelet — with both you and your partners prints, it's the cutest way to memorialize your unity in jewelry form. Brent&Jess also has a lot of custom fingerprint necklaces that would also make for some great wedding jewelry, or sweet gifts.

Custom Fingerprint Wedding Bouquet charm.
Custom Fingerprint Wedding Bouquet Charm.

Ooh, no, THIS is my new favorite way to incorporate a Brent&Jess fingerprint piece into your wedding — the Custom Fingerprint Wedding Bouquet Charm!

No matter which item you choose, Brent&Jess lovingly handcraft each one for you, using eco-friendly materials. So get in touch to express and commemorate your love with your fingers!

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Comments on Brent&Jess makes it easy and beautiful to express your love with your fingers

  1. Our wedding rings are being made by Brent & Jess as we speak! They’re super friendly, and the quality of their work is just stunning. I’ve seen my ring so far, and i’m in love!

    They made it so easy to purchase from overseas, they sent us plenty of emails to keep us up to date.

    So looking forward to having a piece of my husband with me all the time!

  2. My fiance’s ring is currently being made by Brent&Jess. I second that motion that their customer service is excellent – very friendly. I ordered the ring Jan 27th 2014 and they predict it will be ready to ship by the beginning of April (which isn’t the shortest ring-crafting time frame out there, but if you have a few months to plan ahead it’s not a problem).
    The fingerprinting process was really fun, too!
    They were very respectful of my budget and worked with me to find a design I could afford (came to just over $700 with tax). Shipping jewelry to Canada, however, is a big cost at customs, so they agreed to ship it to a close family friend who lives in the U.S. SO… I have to wait until I visit them to get the ring! I can’t wait!

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