4 ways Little Bird can help you find or design your dream ring

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Images courtesy of Nick Engel Design, Christina Guibara, and Emily Chelsea Jewelry
Images courtesy of Nick Engel Design, Christine Guibara, and Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Remember when I introduced you to our sponsor Little Bird, and they, in turn, introduced us all to the concept of Engagement Ring Consultants?

As a refresher, Danielle and her team of Little Birds (aka diamond and engagement ring consultants) leverage their industry savvy and connections to help find and/or design your dream ring! They provide support throughout the entire purchasing or custom design process, and their packages range from $75-$600.

Or as they put it:

What we do: 1. Find the odd and 2. create the beautiful.

Here are the types of ring projects they can help you with…

Creating custom pairs of rings for couples:

Matching partner rings!
Matching partner rings!

Ladies engagement rings are fun, but "Man-gagement rings" are also a thing! And Little Bird totally digs that. They helped the couple behind these awesome rings bring this unique pair to life — not just for a wedding ceremony, but for a co-engagement.

Designing a ring around a super specific and literal inspiration:

Feather ring
Feather ring

Bring Little Bird your feathers, your ocean waves, your eagle talons — whatever! — and they will figure out to turn your inspirations into a beautiful ring.

"Little Bird helped me whittle down all my crazy ideas into something that was perfectly suited for Jen, absolutely beautiful and, equally important, practical for something that will be worn every day." – Mike

Making the impossible possible:

Purple sapphire halo ring
Purple sapphire halo ring
Little Bird is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Are you looking for something specific and different? If you're having trouble finding the exact thing you're looking for, Little Bird can help. Where there's a will (and over 20 years of jewelry industry experience) there's most definitely a way to make your seemingly impossible dream a reality.

Designing classic silhouettes with unique gemstone, wild shapes, and less-traveled precious metals:

Pear-shaped halo ring
Pear-shaped halo ring

We know stuff. We have the treasure trove of inspiration for all of your unknown unknowns — the stuff you don't even know that you don't even know about commitment rings, let alone how to design the more utterly perfect ones for you and your partner. – Little Bird

Special offer:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Right now, Little Bird is offering a complimentary 30-minute talk with a ring whisperer to help you ask you the weird questions, and draw out your inner spirit ring. By the end you'll have a solid idea of what you're looking for and how to find it.

What are you waiting for!? Stop hunting, start whispering, and end up wearing the most amazing ring you may have never found.

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