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If you’re looking for wedding decoration ideas, we’ve got everything from geeky centerpieces to unique ways to use balloons and paper lanterns, to escort cards and SO MUCH MORE OMG. If you’re looking for tutorials, be sure to check our wedding decoration DIY archive.

Airbrushed photo backdrop

You’ll be getting the full wedding story tomorrow, but I absolutely love Sarah & Todd’s “True Love” airbrushed photo backdrop that featured prominently in many of their wedding photos. Someone definitely needs to steal this idea!

Chandelier trend

Chandeliers are showing up in indie weddings lately — and I don’t just mean literally. I mean sure, there was this amazing (and amazingly expensive) display from photographer Elizabeth Messina’s wedding. I also love these shots of chandeliers in trees. But chandeliers are also showing up on invites, like the handmade ones here the left […]

Crystal’s pom-poms and stick centerpieces

Are you looking this picture and thinking to yourself, “Self, I want to know more about those awesome colorful pom-poms and non-froofy centerpieces”?

Serve your beverages in mismatched ugly mugs: Muglies!

This will look familiar to those of you who’ve read my book — one offbeat bride borrowed my Muglies idea for her recent wedding, complete with using the explanation copy I wrote to explain the concept to guests. Aww. 🙂

Vegetable wedding centerpieces

Yay for Riona (of Godawful Wedding Crap fame) and her gorgeous veggie-rich centerpieces. This one features brussels sprout and asparagus, but she also had peppers and radishes as part of her floral centerpieces at her 2006 wedding. What I want to know is whether guests started nibbling on the centerpieces. (Thanks to Ríona for the […]