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While we pride Offbeat Bride on its thoughtful tone and impeccably written posts, sometimes we unleash our inner 12-year-old and are all OMG HOLY SHIT AWESOME CLOTHES SQUEE!!! Won’t you join us in this exploration of superficiality? Offbeat Bride’s fashion coverage includes tuxedo alternatives for grooms, clothes for genderqueer and non-gender binary folks, lots of very unique wedding shoes, and more! Be sure to check out our wedding fashion advice posts, too.

Feathered lapel pins

I love feathery weddings, and that includes the groom’s lapels. (photo from NYTimes) Thanks to Brooklyn Bride for bringing this New York Times style feature to my attention. Related: Archive of Offbeat Bride posts about peacock weddings.

Mom’s wedding dress

Raina, who’s featured in the budget chapter of the 2nd edition of Offbeat Bride the book, rocked her autumn wedding wearing her mother’s wedding dress.

Penaran’s red wedding dress

Obviously I have a thing for red wedding dresses… Photographer Martin Oliver captured a bride named Penaran in a red Ian Stuart dress. I love the rouching of the red train, and the bride’s adorable little cocktail hat! For more shots, keep reading. And thanks to Martin Oliver Weddings for the photos! Check out our […]

Floral hairstyle

I wish you could see a bit more of the bride’s hair in this shot — she’s got some amazing styling going on what with hot-rolled chunks rolling over sunflowers and daisies and then little wild tendrils all over.

The style is casual and perfect for late summer/autumn weddings. I love it and wish I could see a bit more of what was going on … still, inspiring!

Mmmm… this cream and black wedding dress is tasty

I love this Scottish bride’s dress — I’ve never seen anything like it. The black underskirt and bust give it the most amazing flavor. I can imagine this concept working with any number of colors — blue, red, whatever.

Brides in boots

I look at a lot of wedding pictures, and I randomly get obsessed with certain accessories … today it’s boots. Brides in boots! I love them. These boots are made for walking … down the aisle.