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Wedding Inspo

When you’re planning a wedding, really good wedding photography can almost be like looking at dirty pictures! This is our archive of posts focused more on wedding photography (and less on written explanations).

Queer groom fashion LEVELED UP

We feel like we’ve been seeing lots of grooms get more daring and creative with their suits this year, but these two queer grooms took their outfits to the next level. Let’s get the full breakdown of this groom fashion…

Stranger Things wedding ideas

In honor of Volume 2 airing today, we’re bringing you Stranger Things wedding ideas! From t-shirts and gifts for your bachelorette or wedding party to favors and activities for guests at the reception, these Stranger Things wedding ideas will turn any celebration upside down (but, you know, the fun kind).

Steal nonbinary wedding inspiration from this elopement shoot

It’s like Prince Harry meets Travis Barker! Glamour, tattoos, and sophistication combine! Get nonbinary wedding inspiration from this romantically moody elopement shoot.

Wedding bouquets for grooms – because masc folks deserve wedding flowers too!

Wait, why aren’t wedding bouquets for grooms a thing?! THEY SHOULD BE. Here’s more advice for masc folks who love wedding flowers.

Alternative buttonhole ideas: Mushrooms, bird skulls, and other unique boutonnières

As y’all know, we’re always on the look-out for alternative buttonhole ideas for your wedding. I mean sure, we love a rose boutonnière as much as anybody else, but we think there’s just so many more ideas — whether it’s LEGO minifigs for your geeky wedding, autumn leaves for your fall wedding, or even this concept: the mushroom boutonnière.

This Tangled-inspired shoot is giving fairytale wedding vibes

Dreaming of a Tangled-inspired fairytale wedding? From purple and pink florals to the enchanting purple wedding dress, every detail looks like Rapunzel dreamed this fairytale wedding up herself.