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Invitation DIY

We’ve got tons of DIY wedding invitation ideas for you, including printables, tutorials, and templates — all with an offbeat twist! We’ve also got non-DIY wedding invitation ideas, plus a ton of wedding invitation advice, including the oh-so-important invitation wording examples.

Raiding the button jar: How to make your own wax seal

Wax seals lend a hand-made touch to invitations, place cards, and other paper-crafted pieces of a wedding. They’re also a simple but gorgeous way to seal your handwritten vows until ceremony time, or to close a love letter for your significant other, all super-romantic-like. Now, make your very own at home with a small handful of supplies.

How I made my swingin’ pop-up invitations

Tribe member Melaina not only made these rad wedding activity books for the children, but she also made some seriously awesome pop-up wedding invitations. We figured, not only would you want to ogle them, but you may want to attempt to make something like them yourself.

You can totally make your own linen invitations

Tribe member ManaKR made linen invitations. Keep reading to find out how to make these yourself. Just imagine the possibilities — badass pirate invites? Renaissance scrolls? Eco no-paper invites? These are time consuming, but really not hard.

Design your own wedding logo — no design experience necessary!

We’re excited to bring you the first post from our new DIY editor, Whitney Lee. In her first DIY post, Whitney makes logo designing accessible to those of us without a background in graphic design. Check it out…

How to DIY bleach-stamped invitations (and more!)

The only thing that stuck out from my original invite brain storming session was the idea to bleach the invitation paper. I just loved the look and couldn’t live without it. Of course this meant I got immensely high (on bleach y’all!). I got together with my mom, and a friend of hers who’s a distributor for Stampin’ Up (I totally used her for her stamp collection. I’m evil.) and went to town!

Check out these library card Save the Dates

Check out FolkFusionista’s library card Save the Dates! They are pretty perfect, seeing as her future husband “J” is a Librarian and they are both bibliophiles.