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We’ve got tons of DIY wedding invitation ideas for you, including printables, tutorials, and templates — all with an offbeat twist! We’ve also got non-DIY wedding invitation ideas, plus a ton of wedding invitation advice, including the oh-so-important invitation wording examples.

Ouija board save-the-dates free wedding printable from @offbeatbride

I predict you will love this Ouija board save-the-date free wedding printable

Raise your zombiefied hand if you’re planning a Halloween wedding and want some killer DIY save-the-dates. If you’re planning an invite for your 2015 Halloween wedding or getting a head start on save-the-dates for your 2016 wedding, this Ouija board save-the-date free printable template may be just what you need if you’re predicting some major Halloween wedding fun and want to crank out some cheap and awesome DIY save-the-dates.

Let your guests see the future with cootie catcher programs

Having a spooky wedding? Or aiming for a bit of retro flavor at your commitment ceremony? Help your guests see the future with cootie catcher programs!

50+ free wedding DIY printable downloads from @offbeatbride

50+ MORE free wedding printables and DIY wedding downloads

Hey DIY-loving fiends: once upon a time, I went on a mad search for a ton of free wedding printables. We’ve got another giant batch o’ free wedding printables to quench your need to get hands-on with your decor, invites, favors, and signs. Let’s jam about what new free wedding printables we’ve found in our mad searching.

Free wedding invitation fonts for DIY invitations from @offbeatbride

14 of our favorite free wedding invitation fonts for sweet DIY wedding invites

Alright invitation DIYers, this is for you. I’ve found some killer and FREE fonts to rock your DIY invitations. Designing your own invitations isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can make for super personalized invites. Here are some of our favorites for sweet and lovely wedding invitations.

5 common mistakes when addressing & mailing wedding invitations

At one point, I spent about a year working on improvements to the code for postal address recognition (in a couple different countries; it’s customized a lot for each country, but the basic ideas and system are the same).  Based on that experience, here’s my advice to help your letters get where you want them to as quickly as possible…


5 tips when it comes to DIY wedding invitations – including the oldest trick in the book

DIYing your invitations is a great way to save money and it is much easier than you may think to get jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind pieces. However you approach your invitations the following five tips will save you from a hand-made disaster and lift you into invitation folklore…