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Invitation DIY

We’ve got tons of DIY wedding invitation ideas for you, including printables, tutorials, and templates — all with an offbeat twist! We’ve also got non-DIY wedding invitation ideas, plus a ton of wedding invitation advice, including the oh-so-important invitation wording examples.

Super funny RSVP card as seen on @offbeatbride #funny #wedding #rsvp

This funny RSVP card has an answer for every smart-ass on your guest list

I’ve seen tons of variations on this funny RSVP card around the web, so we thought we’d try out our own version as a free downloadable printable. Whether your guests will be happily accepting or tongue-in-check happily declining… there’s an answer for every smart-ass on your guest list. Who knows — maybe it’ll inspire the slackers to actually send their card in before you start the RSVP hounding process.

How to Design A Wedding Invitation

How to design a wedding invitation (including a personalized logo!)

Before I claimed to be a writer of any kind, my career began as a graphic designer. If you’re also in marketing or design, you’ll enjoy this “how to make a wedding invitation” tale. If you’ve never had a lick of graphic experience in your life, I’m hoping this story gives you an idea of where to start and how to do it yourself.

Get ALL the potluck goodies with this dessert bar printable invitation insert

If you’re trying to save a little cash by having a potluck dessert bar, you’ll need to let your guests know you’re in the market for their goodies. Give them this sweet little printable invitation insert to snag their sweets. Print it out on some cardstock, cut them out, and you’ll be ready to nosh their nibbles.

Free geeky fonts for #wedding #invitations as seen on @offbeatbride

16 free geeky fonts for your super, sci-fi, timey-wimey nerdy wedding invitations

We’ve compiled collections of free fonts for your sweet and romantic wedding invitations and for your gothically delicious horror and Halloween wedding invitations. But today we’re indulging in our nerdy fandoms for some free geeky fonts for your superhero, magical, sci-fi, timey-wimey, and movie-themed DIY wedding invitations.

How to use Google Docs to create an online wedding RSVP tool

Many wedding website or paperless invitation services offer a built-in RSVP tool, which is fabulous. However, if you’re looking for a free DIY option, look no further than the much-lauded Google Docs, which offers an easy and efficient way of creating an online RSVP tool using Google Forms.

Free Halloween wedding invitation fonts from @offbeatbride

16 bewitching free Halloween fonts for scarily good DIY wedding invitations

We’ve already introduced some gorgeous and FREE fonts that you can use for your DIYed wedding invitations, but this time around we’re giving some love to our couples planning Halloween weddings. We’ve got creepy fonts, horror movie-inspired fonts, and gothically delicious fonts for all types of Halloween-themed weddings. If you’re ready to tackle your own DIY Halloween invitations or save-the-dates, here are some of our favorite free Halloween fonts.