How can I make sure my wedding website won't show up on Google?

For professional reasons, my sweetheart and I want to make sure that personal pictures, info, contact emails or numbers, etc. do not pop up when someone Googles our names. We want to make a wedding website to help guests with planning a trip to our location and for RSVPing, but we're concerned about the possibility of the site showing up in searches.

I know some sites have a password-protection option. Will this be enough to keep people from finding the website through searches? If not, what else can we do to keep people from finding the site?


How do you make sure guests don't get confused by your offbeat ceremony invitation?

I was recently approached by a family member who received an invitation to an offbeat ceremony. While the invitee was thrilled to be invited, the question arose… what is this event? Wedding? Elaborate costume party? Dinner theater? Nowhere on the invite was it specified. So with offbeat invites… what is the best way of making sure your guests aren't confused about the event they're attending?