How we worded the invitations for our crowdsourced wedding

We have decided to crowdfund our wedding. It won't pay for everything, but it does mean we can focus on having a good time rather than scrimping and saving on every little thing. The tricky part was wording everything right on the invitations, so we didn't come off as stingy or cheap. I wrote a little poem to explain the crowdfunding. If anyone wants it, they can steal it…


How to tell your family that your wedding will be adults-only

I want to send an email to our family members letting them know that the wedding will be adults only. While I still can’t control the way anybody interprets the message, doing it this way at least allows us to control the words that they see/hear. This was really difficult to write, but here's what I've come up with…


6 tips for an extra-useful wedding website

I love seeing a wedding website URL in a save-the-date envelope. "Head to this website for our whole story." YES: I want to see photos, I want to see cute anecdotes, I want to see if you're planning any cultural traditions that I can read up on, and maybe I even want to RSVP there. Some guests may not get into them (and we have suggestions for that!), but a lot of the time, your wedding website is your key to telling all there is to know about your wedding. Not everyone chooses to have a wedsite, but since many offbeat weddings are themed, costumed, outdoors, interfaith, or just plain need a little 'splainin', a wedding website is often your key to making sure you give everyone a heads up. Here are six tips for giving your wedsite some extra zing.


3 ways to chase down RSVPs from lazy guests

I'm five weeks out from my wedding, and I'm still missing about 30% of my RSVPs. We won't get into why it's so hard for people to send in a pre-addressed stamped card, send an email, type out a text, or make a phone call, but we all know it is. Lucky for you, I've learned a couple of things in the process of thinking about how to chase people down…


How to write honest invitations when you're getting weddinged

We sent out our Save the Dates. We're having a pretty relaxed, but pretty big, picnic wedding in a park. I'll wear a white dress, he'll wear a suit, there may be speeches, there will be games. But we're already married. So as I put together our Wordpress wedsite, and our Save the Dates, I thought a lot about wording, and about transparency, and about inclusion.