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Floral DIY

We have tons of floral DIY ideas and tutorials including: paper wedding flowers, bouquets with swords, origami, and even 8-bit flowers. We also have ideas for DIY succulent terrariums, flower crowns, and more! Get flowery, paper-y, or fashion-y with your wedding florals!

How to DIY your own brooch bouquet

Making a brooch bouquet is a fairly simple project, but requires a wee bit of time. So arm yourself with shiny brooches and earrings, and let’s go!

DIY your own funky button and bead bouquet

Emily needed some budget-friendly DIY bouquets for her upcoming wedding, so she made her own button and bead bouquets! Now Emily is showing us how you can do the same…

How to DIY your own rustic twig ball bouquet

Mari and her soon-to-be are on a budget and wanted a non-floral bouquet option that was fantastically “them”. After scouring the internet, her and her Mom went to work creating something unique and awesome, using inspiration from several photos they found online.

How to DIY your own floral fascinators and buttonhole flowers

Theresa, a PhD student, vegan and rad Australian, posted this short and sweet tutorial about how she made super-kitschy “parental flowers,” little giveaways her parent’s could take with on their trip back to the states after the wedding. They’re just too easy AND adorable not to share. Take it away Theresa! – Offbeat Shrie We […]

How to make your own sparkly crystal bouquets

Hello all! This post is going to teach you how to make your own crystal bouquets. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it, but it IS time consuming (so don’t be like me and wait until the last couple of months before your wedding to make them!). However, because we didn’t want […]

How to make your own feathery floral hair fascinator

Offbeat Bride Tribe member/crafter Rachel took the advice of her photographer and crafted herself and her bridesmaids some feathery floral fascinators for her and her new hubby’s black and red uber-stylish wedding. This is a step-by-step tutorial she put together (mere days after The Big Day!).