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Floral DIY

We have tons of floral DIY ideas and tutorials including: paper wedding flowers, bouquets with swords, origami, and even 8-bit flowers. We also have ideas for DIY succulent terrariums, flower crowns, and more! Get flowery, paper-y, or fashion-y with your wedding florals!

Make these gorgeous wedding flowers out of coffee filters

Are you endeavoring to make your own flowers for your wedding? Well then, you must be nuts. I myself am in that same boat. I’ve scoured the internet looking for coffee filter flower tutorials. I’ve found some good ones, and I’ve sort of combined them all into my own method. Let me tell you how I made these, because I’ve made about 24,145 of them, and I want you to join me in madness. Here we go…

How to make (and wield!) your own sword bouquet

A few days ago, I had an idea for the bridesmaids’ bouquets to have a sword hilt for a handle.I just finished the first one, version 1.0, and there are some things I want to tweak and change. But for the most part, this is it! Now, let me show you how I made it so that you too can wield your flowers on your special day.

How to make a travel-ready paper flower bouquet

I love flowers and definitely wanted to have something to carry to our ceremony, but my flowers had to survive a road trip from Seattle to Moab, the desert environment, a trip back, and still had to look good a month later at our reception! That’s a tall order for a bouquet. I ended up inventing my own method for making paper flowers…

How to make a beautiful bohemian flower crown

After surfing around a little on Pinterest and Etsy, I realized I wanted a beautiful flower crown! It also went nicely with my Medieval fantasy wedding theme. I decided I would make one myself. So can you! It is easier than you think. To show you in real-time how to do this, check out my video tutorial…

Corsages made from dried leaves, blueberries, and… Wonder Woman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I’ve seen a few remixed boutonniere ideas floating around out there for gents — ones with Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. But what about boutonnieres or corsages for the lady folk? Here’s what I used to create mine.

This LEGO wedding bouquet has hidden minifigs

We’ve posted before about hiding things in your bouquet (sparkly spiders? memorials?), but you can also sneak your favorite flavor of geeky hobby in there. Rose hid a couple LEGO people in her bouquet. For more photos, be sure to check Rose & Nick’s bookish nerds know how to party wedding.