Floral DIY

We have tons of floral DIY ideas and tutorials including: paper wedding flowers, bouquets with swords, origami, and even 8-bit flowers. We also have ideas for DIY succulent terrariums, flower crowns, and more! Get flowery, paper-y, or fashion-y with your wedding florals!

How to make large paper succulent centerpieces (or bouquets!)

These paper succulents are a larger version of this amazing Lia Griffith tutorial. Her templates are built so that all 10 petal pieces fit on a standard letter size sheet of paper. This is great for the smaller, 2.5″ size flowers, but we needed to get beefy with these leafy blossoms!

DIY boutonniere miracle: magnetic boutonniere backs

Ash and Adam rocked some pretty killer DIY boutonnieres, but the real story is that Ash rigged them together with magnetic backs!

These things are brilliant…

Foraging your floral afro, and more flowery hairstyles for natural-textured hair

Flowers are the oldest and most natural adornment for hair. They represent creation and a new beginning. With their scent and beauty, a few perfectly placed flowers can transform the simplest of hairstyles into breathtaking creations. For a kinky textured bride or groom for that matter, the floral afro is the perfect hairstyle.

How to make a wedding broom for a jumping good time

The wedding broom is popular amongst both the Celtic diaspora and the African diaspora. They are also very common in Pagan handfastings.

How to make multi-layered paper flowers by hand

I based my flowers off of this tutorial, but, that tutorial requires tools that I don’t have — a special machine that cut out the flowers, and that’s awesome. But, if you don’t have that machine, it can be done by hand! Here’s how I made mine…

Skull and crossbones boutonnieres for your “pirate crew”

I made these boutonnieres for our Pirate Crew, AKA all our friends and family who are stepping up to help staff our wedding. They will help identify the helpers to any guests or vendors who may need assistance with something. They were super-fast, and super-fun.