Brides in pants

While of course I couldn't cover every single breed of offbeat in the book (snowboard brides got short shrift, and transgender Buddhists were completely ignored), writing about brides in pants is actually something I really wish I'd included. In my poking around online I found a fair amount of inspiration for brides who wish to go the pants route, and even some awesome indie vendors…


Layer Cake Super 8 wedding films

There's documentation, and then there's art — and Layer Cake Super 8 wedding films clearly takes wedding videography to that second level. Yes, Layer Cake is an offbeat advertiser. But…..

Fabulous shrug for winter weddings

I know some of you out there are hard at work planning your winter weddings, and I can't help but link this dramatic shrug with its fabulous "evil queen" stand-up…..

Etsy wedding tips

A whole blog dedicated to using Etsy to shop for your wedding! Previously seen here on obb.com: Wedding shopping on Etsy.