Here's the trick to making wedding music choices SO much easier

Raise your hand if you're already overwhelmed trying to build your wedding playlist. You know you've got some favorite songs, but can't for the life of you remember what they are or which ones would make a good processional, first dance, and a billion other moments where music just makes the moment. That's why we are SO pumped that we partnered with My Wedding Songs to make playlist building so.much.easier.


From 6 months in Costa Rica to a foodie trip to Japan: 4 real honeymoons planned with a honeymoon registry

Let's take a break from talking about weddings and talk about your other awesome and exciting future plans: THE HONEYMOON! You know what's even more helpful than a honeymoon registry when it comes to planning a honeymoon? Hearing other couples' honeymoon plans that are also using a honeymoon registry. Our good buddies and long-time sponsor Traveler's Joy has hooked us up with real honeymoon plans, schemes, and registry tips from real couples.