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Real Weddings: Northeast US

From New England to New York and Rhode Island to Long Island, couples in the Northeast have their own distinct brand of offbeat. A little urban, and little upstate, and a bit of an edge — we love you East Coast offbeat couples! Submit your wedding for consideration via

Rustic fall meets spooky in this COVID-safe Halloween wedding

We were determined to get married on Halloween 2020, which was a Saturday and a full moon; it just felt meant to be. Our chef also made a charcuterie presentation that included a little cheese graveyard.

When the bride’s in a black wedding dress with bridesmaids in white!

Have you ever asked yourself it’s ok for bridesmaids to wear white? Ever wondered what it might look like to see a bride in a black wedding dress and the bridesmaids in white? Get yourself ready, because Mari & Anthony’s wedding is about to answer all these questions in the affirmative!

Vintage-Inspired DIY Train Wedding

When their original venue canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, Lerin and Brian were left scrambling to look for a reception for their train wedding. Then, the Red Caboose Motel stepped up and offered the couple train cars to get ready in, and a large tent for their reception… Wait until you see how the bride walked down the aisle!

Lightsabers and Westeros meet at this eclectic warehouse wedding

Westeros meets lightsabers at this eclectic warehouse wedding

A warehouse venue, life-size skeletons, Stormtroopers, a freight elevator entrance filled with smoke — we are starry-eyed with the brilliance of Bridget and Anthony’s eclectic warehouse wedding at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey. As the guests stepped off the freight elevator, they were greeted with a Game of Thrones-inspired champagne wall. They actually […]

A Maine camp wedding photobombed by the couple's doggo

A Maine camp wedding photobombed by the couple’s doggo

Ollie is Leigh and Noah’s rescue pup. Ollie can be an anxious dog, so the pair thought she would stay in the cabin for their Maine camp wedding festivities. But Ollie wouldn’t stand for missing out on the fun. Who could blame Ollie for making an appearance after seeing the gorgeous style, cozy cottages, lakeside views, and twinkle lights. It was a camp wedding none could forget — rustic meets glam meets completely them.

Vintage carnival vibes at this historic amusement park wedding

Vintage carnival vibes at this historic amusement park wedding

If it was up to my husband we would have had a wrestling wedding, but we landed on a carnival theme because we felt like there was so much we could do with it. We picked a historic site, Glen Echo Park, which was once an amusement park in the 40 and 50s and still had some of the lights and structures standing.