I'm more than a bride-to-be

I'm excited to get married and I'm excited to throw a big party. That being said, I'm more than just a bride-to-be. I am not the first, nor shall I be the last, to feel frustrated about gendered bias. So what can I do? How can I battle these questions and expectations? This is my plan.


Your wedding is selfish

I think it's time to agree that the word selfish is a lot like the word tacky: it can be applied to pretty much everything. It's all selfish! Now that we can agree that all of it is selfish, let's look at how best to navigate these things.


What bridal magazines can do to ANYONE

How does this video only have 75 views? We don't normally share sketch videos, but this one is about about how, sometimes, guys can get way more sentimental about wedding planning than girls. Give the video two minutes, and behold the full-frontal mind-fuck that bridal magazines can pull on ANYONE. "Ooh, this one looks like a grotto! Like a magical fairy mermaid grotto…"


4 things that nobody tells you about getting engaged

I've been told my entire life — by movies, books, and trashy reality shows — that your wedding is just a magical event. Well, I've been engaged a few months now, and I'm ready for my magical moments to start happening. Getting engaged is pretty much like every other adult situation in your life: no one knows what they are doing and literally everyone is faking that they do. So that future generations don't succumb to the same delusion that I was blissfully in, I've compiled a list of things that nobody tells you about getting engaged.


Wedding junk mail: When life gives you garbage, make confetti!

With my marketing and public relations background, I really should have known that once I started calling vendors, my name would wind up on someone's mailing list. For the last several weeks, I have been receiving regular junk mail from my area's WIC staple vendors. So I've come up with several solutions of what to do with all that gross junk mail…