Dear loved one who is not getting invited to my wedding…

We'll skip the awkward well-wishing and wellness inquiries. I know you are angry. You're probably hurting, maybe livid. You might be ready to cut me out of your life completely because you did not receive that magic little piece of paper in the mail. But here is the grown-up, bare-bones, truth: Not getting invited to my wedding does not mean being uninvited to my life.


How weddings & masturbation are more related than you think

Oh hi there. I have a couple of topics I'd like to discuss: wedding planning and masturbation. (Stay with me, here!)

Of course Offbeat Bride is all about wedding planning, but sometimes we dip our toes (or fingers?) into sex. Today is one of those days, and today we're going to talk about how wedding planning and masturbation are more related than you might think.


OPEN THREAD: We had a thief at our wedding — what can we do?

During our wedding reception, several cards containing (apparently) money and gift cards were stolen. The only reason I know this, is because two of my bridesmaids told me that they thought they saw my (now) brother-in-law's daughter pocketing something at the gift table. I'm super upset — not about the missing prezzies (although that sucks) — I just know what to do at this point. Did anyone else experience stealing at a wedding? How did you deal with it?