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Wedding trends

While editing Offbeat Bride, we look at thousands of weddings a year. Sometimes we notice trends — and sometimes we notice things that the mainstream wedding media SAYS are trends, that actually totally aren’t.

Trends vs. Super Awesome Ideas

Why do we have to use the word trend? It seems that most people, especially Offbeat Brides, wrinkle their nose at that word. But maybe we could just call them super awesome ideas.

The fallacy of offbeat trends

I’m confused by the “trends” that have been emerging with Offbeat Bride. To me, it feels like the concept behind the book and the site are supposed to be “Offbeat = Personally Expressive,” but lately it’s been more of “Offbeat = Red Dress, Birdcage Veil, & Sneakers.” The message seems like it’s getting lost. Instead […]

My 2008 halloween costume: YOU!

After working on for almost two years now (and Offbeat Bride the book for another year before that!) I’ve started to see some definite trends in offbeat bride styles. I mean yes: we’re all doing our own thang, but there are definitely elements that seem to pop up repeatedly in offbeat weddings. To celebrate […]

Wedding mustaches

Offbeat Brides and their grooms and their guests love fake mustaches. LOVE THEM. I have no idea where this trend came from, but within the last month I’ve seen enough mustachioed wedding parties to realize that this isn’t an isolated incident. And in fact, it’s not even just weddings — mustaches are everywhere. I’m telling […]

Short ruffly wedding dresses

Lately, I’ve been noticing lots of short, colorful and playfully ruffled wedding dresses on offbeat brides. I’m guessing I’ll be seeing even more in Spring 2009 weddings. Here are a couple recent examples: For more info about the wedding on the left, over to Merge Weddings’ flickr stream. For more info about the wedding on […]

Chandelier trend

Chandeliers are showing up in indie weddings lately — and I don’t just mean literally. I mean sure, there was this amazing (and amazingly expensive) display from photographer Elizabeth Messina’s wedding. I also love these shots of chandeliers in trees. But chandeliers are also showing up on invites, like the handmade ones here the left […]