This zombie-themed wedding shower is coming for your braaains

Have you ever seen a zombie-themed wedding shower with Alice in Wonderland influences? I'm going to wager not and will quickly remedy that right now. If you're preparing for that inevitable zombie apocalypse, it helps to train your nearest and dearest at every opportunity. So Hope and Ehud's bloody coed wedding shower with bloody clothes, water balloons, and awesomely contrary Alice details does the job perfectly.


A green house wedding shower: best idea or bestest idea?

Caitlinn and Luke are planning their summer camp wedding for later this year, but we've got a sneak peek at their killer really green house wedding shower first. Our eyes were seriously boggling over the lush greenery, succulents, and plant-themed goodies that were served. Plus, who plans a wedding shower in a green house? Flippin' love it. Don't miss the seed packet favors, veggies everywhere, and dinosaur touches.


Quiz your shower guests on wedding traditions with this printable wedding shower game

We love us some wedding shower games, and we got a great one from a reader recently that asks party guests to guess the origins of some popular wedding traditions. I then whipped up a free printable version of the wedding traditions wedding shower game for everyone to print and use at your parties. Here's the original suggestion and of course, the printable game sheet + answer key.