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When we want to get more thoughtful about things on Offbeat Bride, this is the spot for our feature articles. Sometimes we talk big-picture philosophies, other times we discuss wedding trends, and every once and a while we just go ape-shit over a wedding WTF?!

“Same-sex” is not an inclusive label: 5 reasons we should stop using it

There was a time when the term “same-sex” was revolutionary. D+ Meg of River and Root Photography are sharing their top 5 reasons why wedding vendors should avoid the term “same-sex” without explicit permission from the couple.

May 16th in Seattle: meet Suki at our first in-person event in YEARS!

Offbeat Bride and whole Seattle wedding scene has been through a LOT these past few years… let’s celebrate survival and sur-THRIVE-al with a tasty meet up! If you’ve been loving Suki’s reels on @offbeatbride’s Instagram, this is your chance to experience her magic in person.

Wedding dress shopping tips for BEFORE you go to a bridal boutique

Ok, so you’re engaged. You’ve got your wedding planning spreadsheets downloaded. It’s starting to get real, and now you’re going wedding dress shopping. I was once you, and here are five things I wish I’d known about wedding dress shopping at bridal boutiques…

Why we had two weddings to avoid family drama

Are you thinking about having two weddings? Whether it’s to celebrate your multicultural union or protect your mental health, here are a few reasons why you should feel empowered to throw a wedding more than once!

Wedding gift trend alert: A BED!

Let’s talk about how my mother-in-law made me hella uncomfortable at our wedding, but in hindsight was actually a high-key genius and basically should get credit for coming up with the ultimate wedding gift trend: a bed.  

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Seeking a nontraditional wedding venue? Try these unusual places!

Looking for a nontraditional wedding venue? We started thinking outside the box and put together these unique and unusual ideas for wedding venues, plus tips on how you can find them.