Offbeat Bride mention in The Guardian

Looks like the Brits have taken notice of Offbeat Bride. The book was mentioned in an article called And the bride wore hotpants. My favorite interviewed bride is this woman……

Offbeat Bride wordlist

As part of the editing process, the copyeditor who's working on my book put together a list of uncommon words that I used that she wanted to make sure she…..

My book's cover

Cover of my first book, originally uploaded by .Ariel. This is it! Evidently, my editor had a huge amount of back 'n' forth with the design department, but I didn't…..

My first book: completed

Today is the day that Offbeat Bride is contractually due to my publisher, Seal Press. I FTPed the completed draft (all 60,000 words of it) last night. It was sort…..