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When we want to get more thoughtful about things on Offbeat Bride, this is the spot for our feature articles. Sometimes we talk big-picture philosophies, other times we discuss wedding trends, and every once and a while we just go ape-shit over a wedding WTF?!

Interview with Riona of Godawful Wedding Crap

When I found Godawful Wedding Crap I was instantly smitten. Here’s a blog that highlights the worst wedding paraphernalia on the web, all with a heavy dose of snark tossed in. Offbeat brides need their snark — sometimes it’s the only thing that will protect you from the creeping “white blindness” of wedding-planning dementia. I […]

Husbands and grooms: let’s talk about men changing their last names

When researching the Offbeat Bride book, without a doubt the hottest topic among my labs rats was women changing their last names. One increasingly popular method of dealing with this feminist minefield is both the bride and the groom assuming a new last name. Seems to solve all the problems, right?

Well, turns out that in many states it’s significantly harder for husbands to change their last names.

Groom shot or band photo?

While trawling through the Offbeat Bride flickr group, I was struck by how some of the hipper “groom and his men” shots look more like band photos. When are these guys taking it on the road?