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Offbeat Bride and its founder Ariel Meadow Stallings have been featured by the New York Times, NPR, the Today Show, CNN, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, and many more. Take a look at how mainstream news media tries to wrap its brain around nontraditional weddings.

Will there ever be an Offbeat Bride TV show? (and other reader questions)

I get approached monthly by production companies wanting to do an Offbeat Bride reality show, and actually spent a full year working with one crew to develop a pitch. I took several trips down to LA and shopped the show to a half-dozen networks this spring. It was a hilarious process, but there was never quite a click between what I wanted and what interested the tv folks.

Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses

I was interviewed by a Canadian newspaper for an article about the red wedding dress trend: Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses. “I’m not saying that all nontraditional weddings should be reactionary, or that your wedding is a place to be rebellious,” the Seattle-based writer told the Georgia Straight. “But I […]

Ariel from Offbeat Bride on Urban Rush

When I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago, I did an appearance on Urban Rush, a local magazine show. I think it was the best Offbeat Bride interview ever — especially since one of the hosts started muttering about shrooms at one point. WTF?