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Offbeat Bride and its founder Ariel Meadow Stallings have been featured by the New York Times, NPR, the Today Show, CNN, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, and many more. Take a look at how mainstream news media tries to wrap its brain around nontraditional weddings.

The NSFW wedding photo that blew the internet’s mind

Did y’all catch the wedding that blew up (hee hee) the interwebs last week? Of COURSE when a news source wants to talk about a blow job wedding photo they hit up Offbeat Bride for a quote. And man, did Ariel give them a mouthful (hee hee)…

Offbeat Bride on Labels of Love

Philosopher Carrie Jenkins recently interviewed me for her podcast, Labels of Love. In the six-minute segment, I talk about people’s concerns over both halves of the Offbeat Bride name (there are problems with OFFBEAT and problems with BRIDE!), as well as why people prioritize wedding photography so much. The piece finishes a discussion of my work on my second book, and why I hope no one ever needs to read it.

Gifts, loans, and student debt: wedding budget advice

Gifts, loans, and student debt: the importance of being clear about money

Ariel was recently quoted in an “Ask Brianna” article over here. The issue was how can someone pay for a wedding while they’re really trying to pay down their student loans at the same time. It’s a sticky issue with the hugely rising costs of college AND weddings.

Here’s what Ariel had to say about communication regarding financing with your family.

Are your parents helping pay for your wedding? Have them read this.

The only rule is to talk openly and honestly about expectations clearly before accepting any money — is the money a loan? A gift? If it’s a gift, does it come with stipulations or expectations? Talking about money is uncomfortable and awkward for everyone, but it’s critically important for parents who might be contributing to weddings to be VERY clear about what their expectations are… and to watch out for predatory marketing that targets parents…

Offbeat Bride interview about Renaissance weddings on NPR's Here & Now and Houston Public Radio

Offbeat Bride interview about Renaissance weddings on NPR’s Here & Now and Houston Public Radio

As a lifelong Renaissance Faire goer, I always have a soft spot for Ren Faire and fantasy weddings, as evidenced by the abundance of them (13 pages!) in this archive.

We love to jam about wedding trends, so when Houston’s Public Radio and NPR’s Here & Now wanted to talk shop about geeky fantasy weddings and weddings at Ren Faires, we were so down.

Offbeat Bride interview about unplugged weddings on New Hampshire Public Radio

I first wrote about unplugged weddings way back in 2011, with a two-post series. The posts went crazy viral and in the three years since then, the idea has picked up major steam. The Huffington Post noticing the trend in 2012, and New York Times picking up on the concept in 2013. I’m happy to say that the concept is now popular enough that it’s no longer seen as “offbeat” in any way.