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Offbeat grooms

Oh, we LOVES us some grooms and we have all sorts of advice from and for them. We love grooms with beards, we love gay grooms, we love groom in tuxedo alternatives. We especially love grooms who understand that “Offbeat Bride” is a state of mind — not a set of genitals.

Punk rock Hawaiian wedding

Nothing says “Hawaiian wedding” like a sweet ocean breeze and the warm tropical sun, with the sound of palm trees rustling in the background … and full sleeve tats and a spiked mohawk! Way to rock the beach wedding. (Thanks to Red Heart Photo for the shot!)

Game over t-shirts

I totally get that this is just comedy, and I don’t want to seem like a humorless gender-warrior, but I guess on a certain level I just don’t quite understand why it’s funny … as a groom, do you really want to be thought of as unhappy about your marriage? As a bride, do you want to be seen as “winning” some game that results in your frowny-face partner being stuck with you for the rest of your lives?

Offbeat Bride + Traditional Groom = ?!?

How do manage when you’re dreaming of a weird wedding, and he’s dreaming of a tux with tails?

Husbands and grooms: let’s talk about men changing their last names

When researching the Offbeat Bride book, without a doubt the hottest topic among my labs rats was women changing their last names. One increasingly popular method of dealing with this feminist minefield is both the bride and the groom assuming a new last name. Seems to solve all the problems, right?

Well, turns out that in many states it’s significantly harder for husbands to change their last names.

Groom shot or band photo?

While trawling through the Offbeat Bride flickr group, I was struck by how some of the hipper “groom and his men” shots look more like band photos. When are these guys taking it on the road?