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We’re very very glad that you exist, too

“I made the incorrect assumption that Offbeat Bride would be all about how offbeat you all… but you do so much to stop it turning into a ‘more offbeat than you’ competition…”

Reader photo from someone who’s been following my weird-ass advice for 15 years

You guys, we all know I’m a sucker for reader photos of folks with my book, but this one has extra special meaning for me because Emily, the bride pictured, explained: “I’ve been taking your advice since the Lotus Magazine days. My wedding planning wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you.”

Offbeat Bride thinking from WAY back in the day

On a slow day at work recently, I was looking at out-of-print children’s books on the Project Gutenberg website. I started “Clover,” by Susan Coolidge (author of “What Katy Did“), and came across a passage that I thought you’d enjoy.

When “awkward” is actually “awesome”

When an “awkward family photo” is actually an AWESOME family photo that includes the Legend of Zelda and some amazing outfits.

From the duct tape to muglies: all the little ways Offbeat Bride shaped my wedding

“I am very very very happy that I am not getting married pre-Offbeat Bride. I looked at a bridal magazine today and, instead of it intimidating me or making me feel bad about my wedding choices, it looked boring and dated. Where are the coloured dress options? Where are the rocking grooms? Where are the excellent budget options for the recession bride? Where are the wicked cool flower alternatives? They aren’t there.”

Questions: Offbeat Life, coffee table books, and how to become a successful blogger

Ariel answers reader questions about additional Offbeat websites, coffee table books, freelancing, and how to become a successful blogger.