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Piñatas, tacos, & cascarones at this Mexican-inspired DIY wedding in Chicago

ATTN: Other people’s cultures are NOT your wedding theme

A letter from a reader: “I’m soooooo excited about you featuring Latino/x weddings for Hispanic Heritage Month — just PLEASE be mindful, respectful, and recognize that culture, customs, rituals, even religions are not a wedding theme.” Where’s the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation with weddings?

A letter from Ariel re: deeply discounted vendor listing renewals for 2021

Why hello there, beloved vendor friends! It’s me Ariel, the publisher of Offbeat Bride. Remember how this spring, I offered free renewals for anyone who had EVER been listed in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide?

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to keep offering free listings for 2021 (my year has been a complete shitshow too), but I am offering a $100 limited renewal option for those of us who are barely squeaking by.

The 3rd edition of Offbeat Bride: What it’s like to STILL be talking about your wedding 15 years later

What’s it like editing a book about your wedding 15 years after the fact? It’s humbling. It’s embarrassing. It makes you realize how much you’ve changed, and it makes you deeply profoundly grateful for the ride.

Transgender weddings: where are all the MTF and transfem brides?

A reader asks our publisher Ariel, “I love your site and I’ve been looking through all your genderqueer and transgender tagged posts, and it’s awesome. I’m writing because I’m not finding much representation of transwomen or people who are non-binary, but present more femininely.” …AND ARIEL RESPONDS!

Where are all the black Offbeat Brides?

A reader writes: “I love your blog (it’s the only wedding thing I’m subscribed to) but surely there must be more black Offbeat Brides out there somewhere…” This is an issue I feel pretty strongly about, and have been writing about for almost a decade…

"Why do you feature non-black couples with dreadlocks?" The answer is complex...

“Why do you feature non-black couples with dreadlocks?” The answer is complex…

“I’m honestly a little surprised to see you feature non-black people sporting dreadlocks for their wedding day. I won’t go into why this is racist, but let there be no question that it’s racist no matter the intent. I just wanted to express how jarring it was to see on such a progressive site.” Here’s our take on dreadlocks and cultural appropriation…