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When we want to get more thoughtful about things on Offbeat Bride, this is the spot for our feature articles. Sometimes we talk big-picture philosophies, other times we discuss wedding trends, and every once and a while we just go ape-shit over a wedding WTF?!

Offbeat Bride’s fave Native American wedding posts

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we’re sharing a few of our favorite weddings featuring folks who identify as Native American, and the meaningful traditions they incorporated to celebrate their heritage.

Piñatas, tacos, & cascarones at this Mexican-inspired DIY wedding in Chicago

ATTN: Other people’s cultures are NOT your wedding theme

A letter from a reader: “I’m soooooo excited about you featuring Latino/x weddings for Hispanic Heritage Month — just PLEASE be mindful, respectful, and recognize that culture, customs, rituals, even religions are not a wedding theme.” Where’s the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation with weddings?

Proposing to my introvert boyfriend: the most empowering moment of my life

This is the story of the most empowering moment of my life. Ok, I’m only 27, so I’m hoping to have a lot more empowering moments but, man, proposing to my introverted boyfriend was incredibly awesome. The best thing is that I did not expect it to feel this way… and I definitely did NOT expect his reaction!

Love has no size: a fat-positive inspiration shoot that may just change your life

Bridal body autonomy: My body is none of your business

…I looked at my mother and calmly but firmly said something along the lines of: “I am well aware of what my body looks like. I need you to not talk to me about this anymore. I don’t talk to you about your body. My body is not any of your business, only mine, so please don’t bring it up again.”

Why this queer intersectional feminist doesn’t regret her Harry Potter wedding

“But Jessica, you’re the resident Harry Potter nerd. You had a Harry Potter wedding even! How can you hate JK Rowling when you once called her Queen Jo?”

It's Pride month! Let's deck out your LGBTQ+ wedding with these rainbow wedding details

A bisexual bride asks: Is my wedding queer enough?

As a bisexual bride who’s marrying a man, I spend a lot of time feeling ambivalent about how much a bride is allowed to like weddings… and what it means to be a bride with a queer identity.