No Daddy Warbucks, no problem: How to pay for a wedding yourself without going into debt

We are long past the times of the brides' parents paying for the wedding, especially if you are both coming from middle-class families as most of us are. If you do have a Daddy Warbucks more power to you. For those of us who don't, who pays for these lavish soirees? How can people afford these things without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips to help you pay for a wedding yourself with a budget…


7 key items to buy after Christmas for your wedding

Planning a wedding for this upcoming year and want to be strategic about saving some cash right now? PRO-TIP: After Christmas and New Year's is the ideal time to score deals on decor, lights, gift sets, and other wedding items that can be stashed away for your wedding day. Here are the seven items on which we'd stock up at the after-holiday sales to have your wedding looking super chic on the cheap.