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Wedding 101

You’ve just gotten engaged and don’t know where to start. You here are some wedding planning basics to get you started in planning your wedding on the spectrum of offbeatness.

How to deal with a crappy venue-mandated coordinator

“I understand that there is the option of not using a venue who has a required coordinator. I also understand that there are many wonderful venues who have amazing coordinators in their employ. This is not aimed at them — may they live long in the company of baby bunnies. This is advice to people who are locked in with a venue-mandated coordinator, are noticing red flags, and are past the point of no return.”

Do you need a seating chart?

Do you need a seating chart? For the answer to that, we turned to offbeat bride and frequent guest poster, Channamasala. The answer isn’t as simple as you might think…

Everything you need to know about having your wedding dress custom-made

A while back I ranted about how I think brides are best off having their wedding dresses custom made — you’ll get a better fit, exactly the design you want, and won’t have to suffer the attitudes and obscene prices of a bridal boutique.