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Wedding advice and etiquette can be a weird thing, especially when you’re talking about alternative and offbeat weddings. At Offbeat Bride, we pride ourselves on our compassionate focus on constructive, respectful communication and focus on conflict resolution. We also do Open Threads where you can ask questions, or you can email us with your wedding advice questions!

Wedding circle seating

My fiance and I both want a non-traditional wedding ceremony, without the procession. The ceremony and reception will be held at an restaurant in NYC. I’ve read somewhere we could have our guests stand in a circle around us with a small wedding. However, we are inviting about 50+ people and am not sure if this could still work with this many people. Do you have any thoughts on this or any other alternative ideas to a non processional wedding?

Our guestlist is lopsided!

My fiancé has a very small family, while my family is ridiculously huge … do you have any ideas on how we might be able to help his family (of about eight Polish immigrants with limited English speaking abilities) be not so intimidated by my family (of about 50 festive Mexican Americans)?

Mad libs wedding vows

ManicBride has a great idea: Let your guests write your vows with wedding vow madlibs!

NO RINGS: how can I make no ring wedding ceremony?

To help me answer this question, I decided to pull on the expertise of two wedding officiants — my parents! They’re both Internet-ordained ministers, and between the two of them they’ve married dozens of people, often helping couple craft their ceremonies from scratch. They have different styles of officiating, though, so may I present to you the first edition of DUELING OFFICIANTS!

Non-floral wedding centerpieces

Centerpieces are tough. They can end up being a TON of work or more involved and expensive than you expected. That said, cute and funky ideas to adorn your table centers are a click away, if you’ve got the patience to do exhaustive internet searching. Fortunately, we have gathered some downright fab ideas for you, so rest those little phalanges and browse away!

Floral-induced psychosis: How big is TOO BIG for a bouquet, and other pressing questions

I don’t get the whole wedding flowers thing. I just want the place to look pretty! Why’s it gotta be so hard?