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From honeymoon registries to great honeymoon destinations to real honeymoon stories… Offbeat Bride officially loves honeymoons. If you’re looking for more offbeat travel stories, you might want to check our sister site Offbeat Home & Life’s travel archive.

Dina and Desiree: Screw you, earthquake — we’re going to honeymoon in Japan!

Dina and Desiree went on their Japanese honeymoon a month after the Tohoku earthquake. Japan was still under a travel advisory by the Australian government — according to them, they shouldn’t have travelled to Tokyo. But their honeymoon went off without a hitch.

Liz & Steven’s road trip, biking, and hiking honeymoon with the dogs

Liz & Steven wanted to honeymoon in the mountains of Colorado. They incorporated hiking, biking, sight-seeing, and, oh yeah, their three Border Collies!

Ekateryna & Marshall’s shoestring pre-honeymoon in Jamaica!

We thought we’d end our beach wedding week with a honeymoon in Jamaica. Ekateryna and Marshall took a pre-honeymoon in Jamaica. You’ll also learn what exactly a “pre-honeymoon” is and how to take a tropical Jamaican holiday without blowing your budget.

Sueños Tulum: the venue that made me wish I’d had a destination wedding (or at least a tropical honeymoon)

So, there I was in Tulum, about an hour and a half south of Cancun on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. I was not working.

…And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about weddings.

Melissa and Jared’s uh-mazing European voyage of summer 2010!

Instead of getting gifts for their wedding, Melissa and Jared asked for honeymoon contributions. Thanks to generous gifts, couch surfing, and a little penny-pinching, they were able to have an awesome trip.

Michelle and Dan’s Iceland honeymoon

Michelle and Dan packed their bags and headed to Iceland, where the plane fares were cheap, hot springs were hot, and the snow was abundant. They even got lucky enough to see the Northern lights!