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Honeymoon Advice

From honeymoon registries to great honeymoon destinations to real honeymoon stories… Offbeat Bride officially loves honeymoons. If you’re looking for more offbeat travel stories, you might want to check our sister site Offbeat Home & Life’s travel archive.

How to have a not-so-ordinary honeymoon in Marfa, Texas

Marfa is home to a wide variety of incredible modern art installations, eclectic food offerings, and a cozy retro retreat. This tiny — and super remote — destination in West Texas is the perfect getaway locale for couples in search of that not-so-ordinary honeymoon.

Are you over-planning your Disney World honeymoon? (+3 secret Disney World travel tips)

Like looking at wedding inspo, is there a time when you need to stop the honeymoon planning? When does being prepared become over-thinking everything? Offbeat Bride member juliegolick explores this question while giving all you Disney World geeks TONS of travel tips…

As long as it’s legal and the wind allows: Offbeat weddings and honeymoons in Aruba!

One of the big perks of working for Offbeat Bride is that every once in a while Ariel and I get to go on wedding industry press trips. These usually involve visting awesome wedding and honeymoon destinations. This time I got to check out all that Aruba has to offer. Any one planning an Aruban wedding or honeymoon? You just might be after reading this…

Looking for a truly trans-friendly honeymoon spot

I have a question for you and your readers. I am looking for a trans-friendly, really truly friendly, honeymoon spot. We worry about plumbing, about being questioned, about being unsafe, about violence nearly constantly. We realized that dreaming of our honeymoon didn’t feel so much like dreaming any more, rather more like risk avoidance. I am betting that you or your readers have great ideas for gender-affirming places that are fun and delightful.

Joyous Dawn & Mr. Mookie’s three-week honeymoon road trip

A new husband and wife, a dog, and a rented RV + several National Parks all over the US = one breathtaking honeymoon that’s not for the faint of heart.