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Ceremony Advice

We’ve got SO much wedding ceremony advice like how to write wedding vows, tons of vow examples, plus ceremony scripts! We’ve also got info about handfasting and other unity ceremonies. Oh and of course wedding readings! But maybe the most important post of all is Wedding Ceremony 101.

Why we had two weddings to avoid family drama

Are you thinking about having two weddings? Whether it’s to celebrate your multicultural union or protect your mental health, here are a few reasons why you should feel empowered to throw a wedding more than once!

Wiccan handfasting ceremony script with crystals and a smoke cleanse

When Carson and Isaac shared their barefoot Wiccan micro-wedding with us, we were so touched by their Wiccan handfasting ceremony script that we knew it needed it’s own post! Written and performed by Carson’s close friend, we appreciate how this script seamlessly ties in all the natural elements and leaves room for personal stories from the officiant. If you’re planning a Wiccan handfasting ceremony, this script is a beautiful jumping off point!

Why I’m using a reading from “Les Misérables” at my Pagan wedding

My partner is atheist, and I am an Atheistic Pagan, so we do not have a concept of a religious soul. Finding a wedding reading that feels right has been challenging, but we settled on a reading is from Victor Hugo’s book, Les Misérables. The soul mentioned in this passage–to us–is human energy. Love is the greatest of those energies.

A Viking ceremony script for the ages

This couple did the research to make sure the language was true to the Viking era! Their ceremony script is just as immersive and fun as their actual Viking wedding, and set the tone for an epic evening of medieval celebrations.

Funny and honest wedding vows by two writers

Get inspired by these funny yet honest and vulnerable vows from these writers’ commitment ceremony.

A non-possessive and nontraditional handfasting wedding ceremony script

Mx. Pucks found that most wedding ceremony scripts were extremely gendered and swayed towards monogamy and one true love. So they decided to write their own non-possessive and nontraditional handfasting ceremony script.