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We’ve got SO much wedding ceremony advice like how to write wedding vows, tons of vow examples, plus ceremony scripts! We’ve also got info about handfasting and other unity ceremonies. Oh and of course wedding readings! But maybe the most important post of all is Wedding Ceremony 101.

This handfasting script feels straight out of a Tolkien novel

Jess and Sarah’s handfasting script was inspired by their love for Middle Earth and Tolkien. Lord of the Rings fans will love how the four elements are symbolized in the four cords this couple used for their handfasting ceremony.

A Viking Halloween wedding ceremony script with a weapons exchange

This Viking Halloween wedding ceremony script has it all: a medieval weapons exchange, Dungeons and Dragons, and a whole lot of love. Whether you’re having a spooky-themed wedding or a Viking wedding, this Halloween wedding ceremony script will cover all your bases.

Cherry blossom wedding in Georgia: These high school sweetheart ladies had love blooming Like cherry blossoms

20 alternative wedding pronouncement examples to go WAY beyond “I now pronounce you…”

Want something more creative and inclusive than “I now pronounce you bla bla bla”? These 20 alternative wedding pronouncement examples will give you ideas for how to end your ceremony with a beautiful bang!

A stealthy Pagan wedding reading

The question of how to tailor our ceremony to be “authentically us” yet not alienate some of the very Christian guests and family was definitely a point of discussion when we were planning our Pagan wedding ceremony. We ended up using a rather long quote from The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk to both cast our […]

Surprise wedding ideas, venues, and ceremony script wording!

Are surprise weddings a thing? OH YES INDEED THEY ARE! We’ve featured a whole bunch of surprise weddings and today we’re going to round up some of our favorite inspiration for you… from the excuse for the surprise wedding, to a few venue ideas, to even some wording for your surprise wedding ceremony script…

A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers

This unique unity ceremony involves the couple’s love of breakfast foods. Not only is it serving deliciousness, but there are so many powerful breakfast metaphors for marriage. Savory and sentimental? We’re in!