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Wedding advice and etiquette can be a weird thing, especially when you’re talking about alternative and offbeat weddings. At Offbeat Bride, we pride ourselves on our compassionate focus on constructive, respectful communication and focus on conflict resolution. We also do Open Threads where you can ask questions, or you can email us with your wedding advice questions!

A sad mother of the bride asks: “How do I tell my friends I can’t invite them?”

“My 44 year old daughter is planning and paying for her own wedding. The guest list is at 200, and she has agreed to let us invite 6 close friends… but what do I say to all our other friends who may be expecting to be invited?”

My immigrant family disowned me: 5 ways to cope when your parents won’t attend your wedding

When I got engaged, my immigrant family disowned me. This post is the guide I wish I had, for all my fellow first-generation children of immigrants who are planning a wedding without their parents’ approval.

What if I get my period on my wedding day?

As someone with endometriosis and very heavy periods, I wanted to share my Plan of Action for my fellow heavy-bleeders who are asking themselves, what if I get my period on my wedding day!? Here’s my 10-step action plan for how I dealt with having my period on my wedding day.

ADHD wedding planning: putting the FUN in executive dysfunction

If you have ADHD, more than likely any type of “planning” is not your favorite activity. And yet, here you are: wedding planning with ADHD. Before you get overwhelmed and stop reading, listen to me: You can do this. I know, because I have ADHD and executive dysfunction and I planned not one but TWO weddings. Lemme help ease that overstimulated brain of yours and give you some tips on ADHD wedding planning.

Introvert wedding reception ideas: have fun with NO DANCING

Look, some of us want no dancing at our wedding. Maybe we’re introverts. Maybe we’re living with a disability or a chronic condition —  or just feel like we’ve got two left feet. All reasons are valid — some of us just want no dancing at our weddings, and that’s freaking awesome. Here are 15 introvert-friendly dance-free reception activities from real live Offbeat Bride readers.

COVID-19 vaccine wedding invitation wording – TONS of examples!

Setting boundaries with loved ones isn’t the easiest for many of us, so here are some wedding invitation wording examples for multiple COVID-19 vaccine requirement scenarios… plus cute invitation designs!