Fiery hair, rainbow details, and one awesome cookie bouquet

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Tribesmaid Rekka somehow perfectly matched her two-tone feather fascinator to her two-tone hair. And trust me, the sneak peeks of the rest of the wedding live up to this hype. But that's not all this week of reader submissions brings us: we've got a couple of awesome handmade save-the-dates, rainbow details, and even a cookie bouquet! Get ready to have your Monday brightened by the entries into the Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and Pinterest.

At first I was like 'Aw these two are adorable,' about Tribesmaid EmilySue1212 and her groom… Photo by Marisa Miller

… but then I was like… 'COOKIE BOUQUET?!' Aw hell yes. Photo by Marisa Miller

Ceremony Space

Close up of the bouts

photo by Vito Kwan at Jasmine Photography

photo by Vito Kwan at Jasmine Photography

Toasting an important guest




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  1. Yay! I was waiting for that awesome hair to come out of the Tribe so I could pin it. LUUUURV that color/style!

  2. I think that cookie bouquet wedding involves popcorn “confetti”! So cool.

  3. PMA!!! I was in marching band in college and some of the nicest guys were PMA’s 🙂

    AND SO IN LOVE WITH THE COOKIE BOUQUET!!! It deserved the all caps.

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