Feathered wedding shoes

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Nina - Vaso (White Satin) - FootwearInspired by these shoes that I featured a couple weeks ago (if you wear a size 10 you are SO EXCITED right now), I decided I had to do a whole post dedicated to feathery shoes. In some cases, literal feathers. In others, just feather shapes. I already did peacock shoes a while back, I left out peacock feathers.

As always these range from super cheap to ….OH MY GOD *nervous laughter* Just looking…

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Nina - Xtina (White Luster Satin) - Footwear

Pleaser USA - Amour 03 (Red Satin) - Footwear

shannon britt Women's Abbey Pointed Toe Pump

Stuart Weitzman - Follies (Black Satin) - Footwear

bo'em Women's Jane Gladiator

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Comments on Feathered wedding shoes

  1. The ones with the lace overlay really caught my eye – and got me thinking, while it would probably be pretty easy to add feathers to non-feathered shoes in most cases, it would be hard to add a lace overlay and make it look professional.

    A simple Google Shopping search of “lace overlay high heels” provided some really bitchin’ options (including some vintage Victorian style boots that blew my mind) with all kinds of color options. Oh, and I limited my search to under $100, and still came up with some awesome selections. 😉 If you’re interested in some DIY, add on some feathers and call it yours!

  2. ah! i sell those red shoes at work for like $20!!! we have them in black, white and red and we also have their square heeled cousin which comes in black/clear. 😀 they’re really popular and omg to die for sexy and actually comfy!! that is so cool you’re featuring them here because we get rave reviews on them at work all the time. just last night i sold 2 pairs. 😀 hah, so cool.

  3. Ooooh, the turquoise and lace ones… If only I had a healthy back and $800 to blow on shoes 🙁

  4. of course the ones I like best are the $1200 ones – I didn’t know anyone paid $1200 for shoes . . .

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