Open thread: What were your favorite wedding gifts?

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We know a lot of y'all just got married. (Congrats, and thanks for still hanging out with us!) So here's a fun post-wedding related question, one of our readers recently asked:

Totally materialistic post: What was your favorite wedding gift? Most unique? Most creative?

Ooh ooh, I'll start…

My favorite gift that I registered for: It might seem boring but… my plates. Seven years later, and after daily use, I still love the hell out of them. They're just so damn pretty, and they help me do my favorite thing in the world — eat.

My favorite gift that was a total surprise: A photo album of guest-shot wedding photos. We fired our photographer mid-wedding day, so any extra pics were great. But one guest went out of their way to put together a little album for us, and sent that… along with a few kick-ass martini glasses for all the post-wedding drinks we needed to have. 😉

Now it's your turn. What was your favorite or most surprising wedding gift?

PS: Ready to add weird things to your registry?

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  1. I think this is fairly easy for me to come up with by looking at what I took with me when we got divorced (the first I probably would have given up and bought myself if he had really fought me on it; the second I would not have given up even if he fought me).

    I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say my favorite registered gift was my KitchenAid mixer and attachments. Not only was the mixer the top item on my list of ‘wants’ but the person, and story behind it, who got it for me mattered the most.

    Though I in general hate off-registry gifts (and hated most of the ones we received) my favorite was a clock from my Dad’s friends in Australia. The clock is hand carved and painted from driftwood in the shape of Australia. It helps that it meets all of my rules for off-registry shopping (small, practical, meaningful, easy to store).

  2. We were blessed with many beautiful and heartfelt gifts and it would be really difficult to pick a favorite. However, the gift that made me cry the biggest happy tears was from my mother, who gave us the Vincent and Mary Price cookbook that my grandparents gave my parents when they married. To have both my grandfather’s and my mother’s handwritten inscriptions in the front is a wonderful gift!

  3. I had 2 weddings! The first one…the one I like to remember had no gifts besides a night at a decent hotel. Which I guess would count as my favorite. My 2nd wedding was the worst wedding ever….I try to push it from my mind lol. We got 2 can openers and a toaster. Just….everything about that wedding was bad 🙁

    Thanks for the “forum” type posts. I miss the tribe!
    <3 to all my fellow Tribesmaids!

  4. One of my all-time favorite off-registry gifts was a picture a friend had commissioned based off our wedding pictures. It’s endlessly bad-ass.

    And as heartless as it feels to say… cash. We signed up for a Honeyfund which some guests used, but a lot of people just gave us cash at the wedding, which was endlessly appreciated, especially since we left for New Zealand the day after our wedding for two weeks. Our family was so generous they helped pay for a good part of our honeymoon!

    We also got about $300 in Geek Chic gift coins. Literal coins. We’re going to upgrade a table when we get a house.

  5. We got a lot of art work which is lovely but I sent one set of little cousins who usually get excluded an invite of their very own and we got a lovely little vase just from the girls.

    I wept when it broke.

    It was one “just” off the registry but it was so nice to know that the gesture was appreciate.

  6. Looking back at my presents, while they’re all wonderful, there is one that stands out. My best friend bought me personalised wedding hangers which I love and all the other bridesmaids did too. They were a a sweet addition to my wedding day dress photos.

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