Open thread: What were your favorite wedding gifts?

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We know a lot of y'all just got married. (Congrats, and thanks for still hanging out with us!) So here's a fun post-wedding related question, one of our readers recently asked:

Totally materialistic post: What was your favorite wedding gift? Most unique? Most creative?

Ooh ooh, I'll start…

My favorite gift that I registered for: It might seem boring but… my plates. Seven years later, and after daily use, I still love the hell out of them. They're just so damn pretty, and they help me do my favorite thing in the world — eat.

My favorite gift that was a total surprise: A photo album of guest-shot wedding photos. We fired our photographer mid-wedding day, so any extra pics were great. But one guest went out of their way to put together a little album for us, and sent that… along with a few kick-ass martini glasses for all the post-wedding drinks we needed to have. 😉

Now it's your turn. What was your favorite or most surprising wedding gift?

PS: Ready to add weird things to your registry?

Oh and PS: We're in love with Amazon's wedding registries because they include a universal registry option — so you can register for stuff from ANYWHERE online, using Amazon.

Setup your wedding registry today

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  1. I think my favourite is the breadmaker. Or the Sodastrem (which is being used EXCESSIVELY right now…). Or a caricature my mom had commissioned for us. Yeah, I think the caricature. It has my husband, our two cats, pumpkins, leaves, mountains, geocaching… I’m wearing a tshirt with Pikachu on it and he’s wearing one with Minions on it. Yep. VERY us and something I want to see everyday. 🙂

  2. My fav was a rice cooker – a year later it’s still used A LOT!
    Also, Hubby’s family all pitched and gave us money to put in a bay window in the living room.
    It’s much more energy efficient than the flat bay window that came with the house.

    • We got a fancy Zojirushi rice cooker from my husband’s family and by far it’s the thing we love and use the most off the registry.

      However, we also love our new utensils, so much so that when our friends got married this summer and we saw they wanted the same everyday flatware set we got, we jumped on the chance to get it for them. 😀

  3. We haven’t gotten married yet, but will be doing so in the next year or so hopefully (working on venues right now!) – but of the things we’ve added to our registries, I really hope they go for the more off-the-wall items – the Disney things, paintball gear, etc rather than the homebody things we added because we thought they’d be nice to have.

  4. Lots of people gave us cash & visa gift cards, which was unexpected yet wonderful.

    My favorite registry gift is our bread machine. I knew we wanted one, but we’ve been using it like every other day. It’s freaking awesome.

    My favorite unexpected gift – a beer cap map in the shape of the state of Texas ( We’re HUGE beer nerds and we met and lived in Texas for a few years, so this was a perfect gift for us.

  5. Hot water kettle (with adjustable temperature), programmable rice cooker, and a real/big camera with a case and a big SD card (not one with fancy lenses, but nicer than a point-and-shoot)!

    • Mine wasn’t a wedding gift but my adjustable temperature kettle saved my green tea. I was notorious for burning the leaves and making bitter green tea >.> it sucked because I desperately wanted to have GOOD green tea! Now I just set the right temperature and can steep right away!

  6. My favorite item we registered for was a small step ladder! I never thought it would be my favorite but I use it all the time!

    And my favorite surprise item was our invitation framed with flowers in our wedding colors in a shadow box. It was so creative and cute, and I would never have thought of doing something fancy like that myself!

  7. We didn’t have a registry, so all our gifts were products of our guests’ minds, which was interesting in its own right. I’d say the best gift was a PieBox (see here: with pie plate, tart pan, and recipes. I bake a transport a lot of pies, so it was super helpful.

  8. My brother made us a hand drawn steampunk robot couple on an old dictionary page. He tore out a page from the m’s so Marriage was near the top corner. <3 I love it…it hangs over my desk so I see it every day!

  9. We live in the US and went to Toronto for our honeymoon. One of the most memorable gifts we got was from one of hubby’s coworkers–Canadian cash. We had registered for both traditional and cash-for-honeymoon gifts, but I loved this. In fact, this foreign currency become our new go-to wedding present for couples we know are leaving the country for their honeymoon.

    • I do this whenever the couple is traveling to a foreign country for their honeymoon. Some friends did it for us years ago and it was crazy helpful not having to hit the money exchange lines as soon as you hit the airport.

    • !!!There can be downsides attached to this!!!

      Friends of ours got married last year and followed it straight up with a round the world holiday. We found out the places they were going and got them currency for all of their major destinations…… but, they didn’t open the gifts until they got back. :O

      That kinda sucked, they loved the thought and rang us to say thanks and said they were kicking themselves for not opening before they left. I think they were going to just get it changed back which is a downer.

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