Open thread: What were your favorite wedding gifts?

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We know a lot of y'all just got married. (Congrats, and thanks for still hanging out with us!) So here's a fun post-wedding related question, one of our readers recently asked:

Totally materialistic post: What was your favorite wedding gift? Most unique? Most creative?

Ooh ooh, I'll start…

My favorite gift that I registered for: It might seem boring but… my plates. Seven years later, and after daily use, I still love the hell out of them. They're just so damn pretty, and they help me do my favorite thing in the world — eat.

My favorite gift that was a total surprise: A photo album of guest-shot wedding photos. We fired our photographer mid-wedding day, so any extra pics were great. But one guest went out of their way to put together a little album for us, and sent that… along with a few kick-ass martini glasses for all the post-wedding drinks we needed to have. 😉

Now it's your turn. What was your favorite or most surprising wedding gift?

PS: Ready to add weird things to your registry?

Oh and PS: We're in love with Amazon's wedding registries because they include a universal registry option — so you can register for stuff from ANYWHERE online, using Amazon.

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  1. My favorite registered gift is our Weber grill. We were having the wedding at our house, and being pressed financially we worked every day up until the wedding. My dad surprised us by coming to our house while we were at work to help us clean up the yard, then we came home to a brand new barbecue! We use it regularly and can foresee using it for years to come, based on how long my dad’s Weber has held up.

    Favorite surprise gift: A friend of mine got us 100% copper Moscow Mule mugs. We had never been able to find 100% copper mugs, just nickel-lined. I think we mentioned it off-handedly sometime last year, and he remembered! We love them so much we had to find out where he got them, and ordered two more so we could have him over for drinks.

  2. Yay!
    We got a ton of super awesome things but the most unexpectedly amazing one was two sheets of wedding stamps. Seriously- how brilliant is that? I’m totally including stamps in all wedding gifts from now on. after bridal shower thank you notes and invitations and the damn RSVP cards no one sent back, I was so sick of buying postage. Total sanity saver!

  3. We just started opening our wedding presents (married 11/14/15) yesterday, so this feels pretty timely! We registered on Traveler’s Joy, so most people gave us money towards the honeymoon, but a few people also did other things. One of my best friends designed our AMAZING programs and got them printed for us, which is probably one of the best presents we’ve ever gotten! She put a lot of time into it, and they were so much better than I ever would have dreamed. A family friend also got us a Death Star cookie jar full of cookie mixes, and we were cheering when we opened it!

    One of the great things about having the honeymoon registry is that all of the physical presents we got were really wonderful, meaningful, or funny! There were only a handful, and they were really fun to open.

    • What kinds of things did you list on your honeymoon registry? I love how people get creative with the meaningful and funny stuff they put on their intangible registries…

      • Not Stammily, but we used Traveler’s Joy, too. We went back to Austin for our honeymoon which is where we first met and lived for a few years. We put things on there like going back to the restaurant where we had our first date, grabbing a beer at each of our favorite bars, going kayaking on Lake Travis if the weather cooperated (it did not), and a relaxing couple’s massage – which we actually ended up each getting a massage and taking an hour-long float in a zero gravity tank – a MUST try for anyone remotely interested!

      • Since we’re going on a Disney cruise it was super easy to just lift most of it from Disneys honeymoon registry! We listed the off ship adventures we’re going on, things like dinner at one of the fancy onboard restaurants, a welcome package with champagne… We’re going to send photos of us doing the activity that people bought for us in the thank you cards! Anyone who just gave us a general gift will get whatever awesome honeymoon photo we think they’ll like best.

    • I saw this post yesterday and thought of you but I see you found it!

      Stumbling on your comment in the wild just made my day!

    • Nice! I’ve got the same one in red and it’s amazing! I don’t take it out all that often because it’s bulky and heavy, but when you want a job done right, it’s definitely the way to go.

      (As a wedding present, we got an attachment set for it including a grinder, slicer, and juicer. I haven’t had a chance to play with them yet, but I’m really excited to!)

    • I didn’t keep a lot of the wedding gifts from my first marriage (too painful), but I made an exception for the Kenwood Chef mixer that was an engagement gift from my ex’s parents. There was no way I was getting rid of that!

  4. One of our favorite gifts was something we didn’t register for. A friend of ours had a personalized cutting board made for us. It says “The Story of Jay and Jess, Published 06.13.2015” with some books engraved in as well. We met in college and were both English majors and books were a huge part of our wedding. It was great getting a gift that was so thoughtful and personal to us!

  5. Ooooh fun question.

    The best non-registry gift we got was a gorgeous painting a friend of ours did for us. This friend had been going through a lot of turmoil in her life at the time so it was really unexpected and sweet. We can’t wait to hang it up in our home and her card made me cry! It said something along the lines of “no matter where you live, this painting will always symbolize the home that you have”

    The most practical gift is a toss up between this really awesome lazy susan chip and dip set ( and our knives.

  6. Favorite registry gifts: DeLonghi countertop skillet & grill, from my bridal shower. My (now) husband uses them DAILY, because we don’t have much in the way of pots & pans, and they’re perfect for our little apartment.

    Favorite off-registry gift: My bridesman commissioned an amazing embroidery hoop felt artwork thing (Idk what to call it) of two Daleks getting married, with our names & wedding date. I can’t wait to hang it up![email protected]/23079124681/

  7. My fave gift was a tall free-standing mirror my mother-in-law had gussied up with light blue paint and had hot glued several white and purple flowers all over it (my wedding colors!) I keep it in my office/makeup room.

  8. I’d asked my cousin to record our ceremony and the speeches. I figured I’d just get some raw video that I could look back on in the future. Instead, he recorded stuff all night and put together an hour of edited video, complete with a five-minute segment of our guests quoting the Princess Bride for us. (Our favorite movie!)

    It was super-special and a complete surprise. In exchange I promised him I’d try to recreate a long-lost family recipe of his grandmother’s, so the hunt is on!

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