Your fantasy-loving hearts will explode from the pop culture references in this cake

Updated Mar 15 2021

59. Cake!

We'll be featuring Sarah and James' colorful and geeky U.K. wedding soon, but we couldn't wait to show you their fandom-fantastic Hobbit-meets-Labyrinth-meets-Watership-Down cake made by the obviously talented folks at Black Cherry Cake Company! There are a metric ton more references going on, so get ready for the run-down. Don't forget to say 'allo to the tiny worm from Labyrinth peeking out on the bottom left, which may be the cutest version EVER.

Smeagol in Hobbiton wearing Jayne's hat from Firefly:

60. Cake of awesome

Berk from The Trap Door and the black rabbit (El-Ahrairah) from Watership Down:

61. Cake of awesome

Thor's hammer and a Half-Life symbol:

62. Cake of awesome

An origami unicorn from Blade Runner, a rabbit from Watership Down, and the door knockers from Labyrinth (ZOMG!):

63. Cake of awesome

Falcor from The Neverending Story and a Moogle from Final Fantasy:

64. Cake of awesome

The Triforce!

65. Cake of awesome

Did you notice the teeny tiny red arrows pointing the way (another Labyrinth reference!)? Nothing awesome was missed and we can't be more pumped about it and Sarah and James' wedding… which we'll be sharing with you in a couple days!

  1. There's so much awesome going on in this cake!!! I wouldn't want to cut this thing though. It would feel like killing the last unicorn to ruin something that pretty.

  2. That's my cake! We just had so many things we wanted on there we didn't think we'd fit them on but she did an awesome job! The unicorn isn't specifically Rainbow Dash, I just asked for a unicorn with rainbow hair to represent me (because I love unicorns) and Claptrap for him as we've played loads of Borderlands together.
    I hated cutting into it but my love of eating cake won out and I started with the unicorn bum first!

  3. This was a great cake on all levels. As father of the groom the rest of the wedding was equally awesome from guests through venue to music a perfect day.

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