Fall wedding favors that are lit, sweet, and clean

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What says snuggly fall times like herbal tea wedding favors?

Where my Fall brides at!? You guys should be well into planning overdrive. Let's get into a collective Fall wedding planning mode while we geek out over fun autumnal wedding decor and favor options. You're going to love gawking at these items while they put you in the mood for changing leaves, the smell of pine cones, the feel of a warm drink on a cool day, and pumpkin pies. At the same time you might get some great inspiration for guest book ideas and the perfect brunch wedding favors!

Of course, no one NEEDS any of these things, but they're fun to both look at AND have at your party, if that's your thang. And remember, you can click on ANY of these photos to learn more about each product.

For a rustic fall wedding, these wooden candle favors could are perfect
Etched fall leaf wedding favors
FALL IN LOVE pumpkin spice candles make fall wedding favors

You know I loves me a good edible wedding favor and caramel corn plus a cool fall day = the perfect edible favor.

Dress your wedding favors, table arrangements, and maybe your bouquets and floral arrangements in this luxe satin ribbon adorned with awesome autumn leaves.

These favors have got my heart for three different reasons — I LOVE scented soaps, and I love the little bags, and I love the sparkly leaf accent.

I just had a stroke of genius, guys. How about having a brunch wedding with maple syrup favors that double as part of their own personal syrup bottle for the day!? And I knocked this out of the park with the personalized funky labels. You're welcome.

Ooh, comfort your guests on your chilly Fall wedding night with test tubes filled with hot apple cider mix. Perfect for a fall science-minded wedding!

HONEY is a great way to get some sweet autumn vibes into your fall wedding favors
Ok, so this company makes all these fall-flavored lollipops, which you can then get custom packaging for like this:

Did you or are you having a Fall wedding? What are you doing as far as themed favors and decor?

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Comments on Fall wedding favors that are lit, sweet, and clean

  1. Fall bride here! Gettin’ hitched Oct. 12th (sweet Friday wedding!) in a park overlooking the ocean (crossing my fingers for People of the First Nations summer; the heat’s been so late in coming around these parts that I think I’m in luck). Our invitations are fall-leaves themed (Earthy Leaves from wedding paper divas–have gotten SO many compliments!)and our programs, matchbook favors, and cocktail napkins all have maple leaf images in copper. We’ve got orange dahlias, mango callas and dusty green succulents in the flowers for fall color, and tera cotta & olive green table cloths. Also going to carve a pumpkin or two with our initials for reception decor. Fall has always been my favorite season and I’m so excited I get to use all these gorgeous colors in our wedding.

    • OMG! All of that sounds fan-freaking-tastic. Especially the floral options.

  2. Loving some of these decor ideas, and the pumpkin brownie balls look soooo good.

    Our wedding is late October, and we’re planning a Faerie Harvest theme. Instead of flowers, we’re mainly going to have deep colored gourds and pumpkins, as well as a lot of candles and little points of light. We’re going to take branches and wrap them around the pillars in our venue, then wire them with Christmas lights and hang silver faerie charms from them for the kids to take. As for favors, we’re going to be setting out big baskets of apples (that we’re going to pick, probably as a bridal/groom party excursion) that have tags on them.

    • Ooh love the apples idea, was going to do something similar for place cards til we decided to go appetizers-only instead. Your wedding sounds gorgeous!!

    • I adore your idea of wrapping the little lights on branches and then suspending those in your venue. That would be a great solution for our venue, to which we only have access on the day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful idea!

  3. Wow, these are all lovely ideas, but we’re looking for something a little more DIY to bring down the cost. Some DIY projects cost more than getting something pre-fab, though. We’re getting married in October in a cozy cabin, and wanted “domestic favors” since we are both very homey folk. First we bought a ton of cutesy jelly jars and buckets of blackberries at the local farmers market, thinking it would be easy as pie to make a half-pint jar of jam for each and every of our 120 guests. HAH! Ever realize the seed-to-fruit content in a blackberry? You will after scarring your face with molten-hot pectin and pressing $20 of berries through a food mill only to yield all of three wee jars. It was a great learning experience and I’m sure we’ll can again if we ever morph into the brilliant gardeners we’d like to be, but we’ve admitted to ourselves what a bad match this project was for favors. Our total yield of 12 jars of jam will probably be earmarked as bridal party gifts.

    Now we’re considering scrolled 2013 almanacs from my hometown Mom ‘n Pop grocery store for our guests, maybe with a little nametag attached to each one. However, that’s still not really an ideal gift for guests as couples, since no couple really needs two almanac calendars in their home.

    As much as we’d like it to be DIY, like our invitations, we also know *any* craft is super hard to pull off 120 times in a row. Our budget is tight (who’s isn’t, it’s the RESESH!) and the custom of extending individual gifts to every guest after budgeting a certain price per head for food, hooch, venue cost, entertainment is a little hard for us to swallow. Still, we want to be gracious and have fun with it. With seven weeks to go we need more good ideas soon!

    • If we had more patience/space to do it/more time/more sanity/more craftiness, I would have loved to hand-dip some candles and give them as favors. You know, the ones that are two candles connected with one wick? Thought that would be very sweet, and symbolic.

      • That’s an awesome idea, Emily. And candles gifted in the fall would be soon used and appreciated over the holidays. Thanks for the tip!

    • I was recently at a wedding where they did a S’more favor… The tag said “Here’s s’more loving for you” or something along those lines… They wrapped 2 graham cracker squares, 2 rectangles of hersheys, and 1 marshmallow in cellophane… Thought it was super cute…and would be even better for a fall wedding!

    • We found our tree on etsy and my FH’s dad painted one for us… There’s a TON on there if you just search and each have a slightly different look to them… We’re using red, orange, yellow, green, and brown for the thumb prints. Also found a super slick bingo dauber that is ink remover at a scrapbook store (similar to an Archivers if you have those in your area). We did an example of our tree to make certain our 200+ fingerprints are going to work and are beyond excited by how amazing it looks!

  4. Autumn bride here as well. We’re doing a wood disk (literally slices of a small tree trunk with bark still on) under an orange Moroccan lantern (they’re cheap on Amazon Prime!) with some real leaves, pine cones, and whatever else fall themed I can get my hands on for free or cheap. All together with electric lights it’s about $200 to decorate 20 tables. The table will have a dark brown table cloth and orange napkins so the colors will really pop!

  5. October 13th here! We’re doing locally grown mums from the farm stand up the road in purple, orange, and green then placing them atop paper doilies on brown craft paper overlays. We’ll also be using some pumpkins, corn, and gourds for decoration. We’re doing caramel apples made with local apples for our favors and hopefully serving a homebrewed pumpkin ale!

  6. October 13 also! We’re getting hitched on the beach in NC so we aren’t doing fall themed stuff but all of this stuff is amazing! Makes me wish a tiny bit we were doing a fall theme. My aunt is knitting me an amazing shawl in case it’s chilly out.

      • I know, I can’t wait to see it when I go back to my hometown for my shower in a few weeks! My mom also made shawls for all of my maids/matrons-of-awesomeness. My family rocks, is basically what I’m saying.

    • 9/24 bride here (yes, that is a Monday). My GROOM! crocheted a shawl for me. Can’t wait to wear it!

  7. We’re planning our wedding for fall, but can I just say how sick I am of “fall wedding ideas” being nothing but leaves and pumpkins? There is more to fall than that! All kinds of gorgeous fruit in season (grapes, apples, pears, quince), perfect blue skies, yellow goldenrod in bloom, and colors in lime and sage green, yellow, everything from hot pink to deep red, and sky blue. Not just red and orange and brown!

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest – thank you for posting a few neat ideas that didn’t involve leaves or pumpkins, like those adorable pitchers and the hot cocoa bags. I had thought about doing something similar, but with mulling spices for cider or wine. We’ll see.

    • I totally agree! Our wedding is October 27th because my fiance and I always loved fall. We picked this lodge at a state park for the ceremony that has a cozy log cabin feel and there’s plenty of windows so we can see all the fall foliage. I get kind of tired of the acorns, leaves, and pumpkins that tend to be associated with fall weddings. I am making my own table runners with burlap. My main colors are cherry red and ivory, but I am using some yellow and orange too. I really love flowers so I am repurposing a lot of wine bottles and jars for decor and filling them with red flowers. My favors are actually wildflower seeds, and I made my own seed packets from scrapbook paper.

    • Agreed! Don’t get me wrong, I love all things pumpkin (and that fingerprint tree!), but for our wedding (10/9/13) we’re trying to go for a more expanded palette–think, in shorthand, Crayola Bold colors.

  8. October 13th! Hoping for an outdoor ceremony by the river, medieval/rennaissance theme, with a bunch of other stuff that we are into as a couple.. I love autumn and the colours of the trees! We are Doing mini drums, for favours, my fiancĂ© cut them out of 4″ diameter bamboo, I painted them with our monogram, and a native friend of ours will drum with a group for the procession. We also made wedding crackers filled with candies and jokes. I am doing the cake, which will have gumpaste cornucopia cake topper filled with gumpaste fruits, and i will be making a traditional Norwegian wedding cake as well, as he is Norwegian, it is called krumkake, and it happens to be gluten free, which is good for some of our guests. I can’t believe how fast it is approaching! I love all of the inspiring ideas, and I hope you all have a fabulous wedding!

    • I’m curious as to the recipe you’re using for krumkake, as I am gluten free and I’m looking for wedding cake alternatives. I did some cursory searching online but all the krumkake recipes I found contained flour…are you just replacing it with a gluten-free flour blend? Or is there a recipe that’s inherently gluten-free?

  9. Hi everyone! Our wedding is October 5th and we’ll be incorporating some fall elements along with some rustic elements to tie into our farm venue. We’re decorating the walls of the barn with dried corn stalks between each window, we are using a tree display to hold
    our escort cards and are also doing the fingerprint tree as our guest book, centerpieces are going to be composed of all seasonal organically grown flowers (in galvanized pails with table numbers stamped onto burlap affixed to them) including sunflowers, and our favors will be caramel apples we will be making ourselves (we take one home each year on our annual pumpkin picking trip, which was the inspiration for the whole wedding, so we wanted our guests to have that same experience). For our save the dates, we carved our initials into a heart on a pumpkin and photographed it on a beautiful bed of fall leaves (last Nov). Food wise, our dinner is being served by food trucks, but each table will have a cheese plate before hand that will include spiced nuts with rosemary cayenne and brown sugar, fig jam, and hopefully butternut squash oil, all of which are very fall! For dessert we will be having 4 varieties of seasonal pies, including of course apple and pumpkin, and ice cream sandwiches from a truck that is giving us a choice of 5 varieties of cookies and 7 varieties of ice cream, one of which will be baked apple. In addition to coffee and tea, my fiancĂ© will be making his homemade hot chocolate mix and I will be making pumpkin spice sauce (as in a pumpkin spice latte!) for our guests to add to their drinks if they wish. I wanted to mention to anyone looking for cheap ideas that the hot chocolate for 120 people is only going to run us about $15, so even if you wanted to give double the portion per person, that could be a really inexpensive favor – if you make it yourself! Prepackaged = not as cheap. Other inexpensive favor ideas we had were a bundle of cinnamon sticks, a bundle of honey sticks, a small sachet or jar filled with baking spices for an apple pie or with an herb blend for roasting meat (we are food people too, in case you can’t tell.. sorry if these ideas are too specific!) or even just some rosemary/sage/thyme tied together, mini pumpkins in a makeshift patch for guests to “pick” their own, pumpkin latte mix (might be more challenging to find all dry ingredients for this), apple cider doughnuts (THE best – we’re still tryin to find a way to incorporate this somewhere else). We had also originally planned to have apple cider as well, but once we found out we had to go apple ice cream as opposed to pumpkin, we wanted to try to even things out a bit on the dessert table. What a long post, I don’t do this often! I hope some of these suggestions are helpful to those of you looking for ideas! I’ll post more if I remember them.. Love me some fall!!

    • Wow, thanks for all the great ideas. The pumpkin patch idea could really work at our “wedding cabin,” and your save-the-dates sound fab! I’m an autumn baby so anything fall gets my attention. Food trucks are hugely popular here, too, and our “rehearsal dinner” sans rehearsal will be at a local pub with a couple food trucks servin’ up some tasty foodz.

    • As excited as I am about the fall vibe, there’s a part of me that worries about going “too rustic” with our wedding, kind of like Marie Antoinette with her phony penchant for the farm life (didn’t she have a pretend village in which she gussied herself up as a goat shepherdess? whatevs) but I really *did* grow up a mountain kid and just want so badly to share that with our families and friends. If we could’ve dragged everybody to the Smoky Mountains for it, we would’ve. Thanks again for your awesome foodie-lover favor ideas — the herb bunches sound perfect for us!

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