Tiffany and Ed have a penchant for fall and for science and wanted to combine their loves at their wedding. Photographed by Breanna at Radiant Photography by the Chansons, they had the colors of the season and included a bit on how Chaos Theory brought them together at the ceremony. Quite the combination. Plus, they got married at the Arizona Science Center, which provided tons of science-y fun. Stand back: they're going to try science!

For the full scoop on this science and autumn-filled wedding, check out the blog post over at Radiant Photography.

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Comments on A fall wedding with candy and science

  1. Science!!! Tiffany and Ed, how can we get a script of your wedding ceremony? I am very not-religious, so I’m looking for a ceremony that touches on the majesty of the universe, but without being too “I’M AN ATHEIST!!” The caption on the photographer page says, “Their officiant gave a very poetic and elegant talk -that was simultaneously very intellectual and factual- all about string theory and how the universe brought Tiffany and Ed together.” This sounds perfect! Gimme gimme!

  2. The second pic, with the whole party…where is that?! I’m a Phoenician, and that building looks so familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it! I know its not the science center, but its beautiful!

  3. Wow, that building is gorgeous!

    The combination of science + wedding glamor turned out perfectly! LOVE the orange autumn blooms!

  4. Fall weddings are beautiful! This one is tasteful and gorgeous. Well done !!

  5. LOVE this! My high school had proms at the Arizona Science Center, so I can actually see it being an awesome place for a wedding for the same reason – stunning architecture, lots of space, and plenty of activities for fun. Now I just wish I had thought of it for my wedding!

  6. This wedding looks awesome! Just one nit-picky note though, those aren’t beakers, they’re graduated cylinders (probably 100 mL ones too) so still awesome and science-y but also not beakers 🙂

    • Haha, I thought the same thing! I would’ve used Erlenmeyer flasks….just so you could have the fun of saying “Erlenmeyer flask” every time you talk about the wedding….

  7. Hey this was my wedding. Due to the requests I can get a copy of the officiants script since I am still great friends with her. Oh and the ceremony/reception were held inside az science center on the 4th and 3rd floor terraces respectivly.

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