This winter's hottest wedding accessory: Literally put a bird on it

December 29 2008 | offbeatresilience

The bride in this photo, Denise, is a Scottish falconer and that owl is much, MUCH more than an accessory — it's a tiny owl ring bearer, and his name is Puck. Denise and her husband Martin recently got married at the Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh. Denise and Martin planned their winter wedding in just five months, and if you want to get an eye-full of how beautifully it turned out, head on over to Flickr!

Brian&JoanneWedding (206)-1
Photo Tom Hoad Photography

Joanne and Brian ALSO had an owl as their ring bearer.

My funniest moment was seeing the puzzled looks on our guests faces when they heard some very weird noises coming from outside. Then seeing their utter astonisment as a barn owl flew down the aisle to the Harry Potter Theme Song, and delivered the wedding rings to my son. The owl sat on his arm and let him unhook the rings from his foot!

Ollie stole the show, and everyone had their pictures taken with him afterward!

owls as ring bearers
Image by Photo Pink.

Kim and Charles had a Great Gatsby-themed Baltimore castle wedding. They hired a master falconer to bring a hawk and an owl to the wedding. Which, as Photo Pink said, "added the final amazing touch to what was already an incredible wedding."

Owls + weddings = dramatic awesomeness. Who knew!?

We know animals aren't ACTUALLY accessories — the title of this post is hyperbole.

  1. After reading the title and seeing this picture, I had a horrible waking dream of Paris Hilton and all those other girls trading out their chihuahuas for owlettes… carrying them in little bags, kissing them for the cameras…. it was horrible. Horrible.

    PS This wedding is beautiful and I loved his descent with the rings.

    1 agrees
  2. she has a laced falconry glove. that is so. fucking. cool.

    This, and the wedding in the cave, are the ones I've shown a freind of mine who claims that, while she likes marrage, she hates weddings, so show her how awsome they really can be.

  3. I love this. Not only is it a beautiful, classic, wonderful bridal shot. Not only is she gorgeous. Not only is the pose so soft, relaxed, and subtle it's almost compelling and hard to look away. The tiny owl reminds me of Ron's owl pig in HP and I believe I am smitten. (Yes, I'm that dork that loves HP, but not fanatically.. I just think it's good lit. Anyway.) Awesome.

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