2022’s most magical fairy wedding theme ideas

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Calling all fae folk! There's nothing quite as magical as a fairy wedding theme. Trust us, we love them SO much we have an entire archive for fairy weddings. Not only that, our Offbeat Vendors are huge fans of the fairy wedding vibes too!

We've put together all things fae, from fairy wedding invitations to fairy circus performers and even fairy wedding music to play at your ceremony. And who could forget ethereal fairy wedding dresses to frolick through the forest in!

Here are a few ways you can sprinkle fairy wedding details throughout your celebration for the most magical fairy wedding.

Add pointy ears to your look for ultimate fairy wedding vibes.

Model: Chelsea Layne, Photo by Weirdo Weddings
Model: Chelsea Layne, Photo by Weirdo Weddings

Don't forget about MUSIC for your fairy wedding theme!

We can't talk about fairy wedding vibes without mentioning MUSIC! You know that ethereal music that brings you “fairy cottage in the middle of the woods”? James Guzzi of Ceremony DJs educated us on what it's called…Baroque Pop! To hear what it sounds like, scroll down to “Ceremony Songs” and click the individual songs here.

Enchant your guests with these fairy wedding invitations.

This green wedding dress is perfect for that “fairy frolicking through the forest” aesthetic!

Encourage your guests to dress up for your fairy wedding! This fairy queen decreed everyone attend in fairy wedding wardrobe.

Couple: Hannah and Ryan, Photo by Studio 93
Hannah and Ryan's Fairy Wedding, Photo Studio 93

Having a midsummer fairy wedding? These toadstool fairy wedding invitations are the perfect touch.

Toadstool Tidings Wedding Invitation by Uniquely Inviting

Want to really immerse your guests in a fairy wedding wonderland? Have themed entertainers set the tone for fairy wedding whimsy at your reception!

Performer: Ellen DeSitter, Yes Ma'am Circus
Performer: Rebecca Ellyn, Yes Ma'am Circus

This bride brought Shakespeare's “Queen Mab” vibes to the fairy wedding!

Client: Margaret, Photo by Emma Thurgood Photography
Couple: Margaret & Josh, Photo by Emma Thurgood Photography

Spinning with ideas for your fairy wedding? Make sure you join forces with a vendor who gets it! Find an Offbeat Vendor near you who can turn your fairy wedding dreams into reality.

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